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Incorporating Color into your Home

For people that may not be used to having bold bright colors in their home introducing color may be overwhelming. It is difficult to make the drastic change from a neutral beige to flaming orange. Instead of jumping right into bold colors gradually making changes is the way to go. You do not have to […]

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Importance of Textures

When picking out new furniture the usual process is finding the right size, shape, color, and style. It is important that all those factors are just right before incorporating a new piece into your home. Something that often isn’t considered is texture. How do textures work with or against each other? What textures work with […]

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Sectionals: Guide Before Purchasing

carla sectionals

Sectionals are perfect if you are working with limited space. Don’t have room for a sofa and love seat? Sectionals not only provide enough seating but take up less space than two separate living room pieces. If you simply want to break away from the traditional sofa and love seat, sectionals are a fun alternative. […]

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Selecting a Console Table

Console tables add a certain charm to any home. Instead of having an empty hall way, a console table adds personality. They make homes warm and inviting while also being functional. Whether used for storage or to make sure you never misplace your keys, they can have several functions in your home. Decorating your hall or […]

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Dining Table Guide

traditional dining table

Purchasing a dining table is a an important process that requires much consideration before buying. Whether you plan on using your dining table frequently or sparingly, finding a table that lasts for years to come can be made easy with these steps. There are a variety of mediums, styles, and finishes to choose from when […]

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Get the Most Out of a Small Bedroom

wall unit small bedroom

Having a small bedroom can feel a bit confined but the way in which you furnish your room can transform it into a cozy environment. A room can feel uncomfortably small if it lacks storage, based on the positioning of furniture, or even the color of the walls. By following these tips one can vastly improve […]

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Choosing Bar Stools

Bar Stools have become an essential item in the home. They are a perfect addition to the counter top or island that is found in the kitchen. Instead of using the formality of the dining room, bar stools by the kitchen island bring a casual, fun atmosphere between family members and friends alike. Its a great […]

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Displaying Your Collection

clear display case

If you like to collect certain items or simply want to add an extra decorative element, setting up a display will be a perfect addition to your home. Including a simple display stand or a much larger display case can add a certain charm to your environment. Besides being able to create an atmosphere and […]

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Choosing an Office Desk

transitional office desk

Choosing an office desk might seem like a daunting process given the different types and styles that exist. You can narrow down your search by determining what suites your work needs, amount of space, and the efficiency. For those that prefer something modern and sleek this office desk might be best for you. The Zero […]

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Baroque Furniture in Today’s World

baroque furniture table chair

Beginning in Rome, Italy, Baroque is an artistic movement that is characterized by its dramatic and opulent features. Baroque art features a lot of movement, emotions, and grandeur that was expressed in music, traditional art, and architecture. Like other forms of expression the way in which furniture was designed also exhibited these same characteristics. Baroque […]

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Transitional: Balance Between Styles

tranisitional sofa

Are you interested in modern furnishings but find the style too sleek and clean? Are traditional furnishings too lavish in its use of pattern and color for your taste? Transitional furniture may be for you! If you find elements of each style something that you would like to implement in your space but don’t want […]

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Space Saving Furniture

wall unit space saving

Space saving furniture can be beneficial for a several of reasons. If you do not possess the space to comfortably place all the pieces that you may want, introducing furniture that saves space is a perfect solution. Despite being unable to have the pieces you want and instead opting for pieces you need this does not mean that […]

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