The pride of Italy to the Trade.

At Michelangelo Designs, we’re proud to be a unique source of inspiration for professionals in the Trade. Our mission is to bring the pride of Italy to Trade professionals who seek a cure for the common.

To realize that mission, we’ve gathered a galaxy of Italy’s most prestigious furniture design houses at the first and only Italian Design Center in the United States of America. Exclusively Italian and exclusively to the Trade, we bring you an elite vision of Italian luxury and craftsmanship.

Only the finest.

At our expansive warehouse and showroom facilities, interior designers, real estate developers, retailers and architects will find only the finest that Italy has to offer. From traditional to contemporary, our collections take you on a creative journey through the epochs of Italy’s design excellence.

From the visionary reproductions of Fratelli Bianchini to the sleek sophistication of Ego Italiano, you’ll find the Italian furniture brands you’re looking for at Michelangelo. Because we know Trade professionals serve clients with exacting standards and discerning tastes, we’ve raised the bar with the most sought-after Italian furniture brands.

The joy of customization.

As though it weren’t enough to have the riches of Italian design at your disposal, Michelangelo has also left room for the joy of customization.

Trade professionals can answer the demands of their clientele, with a selection of 1,000 fine textiles at their disposal. We’ve included rich woods and lustrous leathers, to bring you a well-rounded creative resource which allows you to set your design passion free.

Your vision is perfected in the creative playground offered at Michelangelo Designs – set free to become one-of-a-kind commissions which satisfy a growing demand for the rare and unique.

The elegance of Italy.

When you visit the Michelangelo Italian Design Center, you step into a direct experience of the boundless elegance of Italy. From distant ateliers in fabled cities like Verona, this nation’s design treasures have been imported exclusively for the Trade.

From the time-travelling conversations between past and present which typify the mold-breaking designs of Silik Creazioni, to the world-changing hands of Angelo Cappellini and its classic, traditional beauty, you’ll find breathtaking examples of the most renowned Italian furniture brand leaders at Michelangelo.

Trade professionals who seek a cure for the common are invited to schedule an appointment. Discover the flexibility and freedom of customization among the riches of Italian design genius and set your own ingenuity free.