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Introducing the Future of Design

After almost two years, architects, interior designers, retail distributors, and developers of the trade, will finally meet once again on the floor of the Javits Center in New York at the 2022 ICFF show.  ICFF is the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, and it will be hosted in the Big Apple from May15-May17th, 2022. This fair […]

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A Style Guide to Contemporary Italian Design

Michelangelo Designs, contemporary italian design

If you enjoy keeping up with current and a modern styles of the moment then contemporary Italian design is for you. Modern homes are labeled to have a certain aesthetic being cold and minimalist, but in today’s homes, contemporary interior design is actually quite the opposite. Contemporary Italian design is warm and welcoming as opposed […]

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Modern Style Decor: the Modern Italian Leather Sectional

Michelangelo Designs, modern italian leather sectional

There is nothing quite like a modern Italian leather sectional. Modern and contemporary style are more often confused and missed used in decorating. Thought they may kind of look the same or sound the same there are some distinctive elements. The most distinctive element of modern style is, that it’s based on designs that came […]

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Why Invest In Luxury Italian Furniture?

Michelangelo Designs, Why Invest in Italian Furniture?

When you hear 100% made in Italy or luxury Italian furniture, we automatically think expensive, high end and pricey. Even though these words may sound a bit intimidating to your average homeowner, trust us when we say that you should invest in Italian furniture. We love the furniture the average brands like Wayfair and overstock […]

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Modern & Traditional Storage Benches

Modern & Traditional Storage Bench

There is no better feeling than to have dual-purpose furniture at home. Furniture that not only looks good but that can be used in various ways is wonderful. Among all furniture pieces, today we will focus on the modern and traditional storage bench. Storage benches come in a wide variety of materials types and styles. […]

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Office Space: Types of Italian Desks

Italian Office Desks

A desk is a staple piece required for any office space. It is where your computer lives, where you file away your documents, and if you’re an executive of some sort, it is the place where you make life-changing decisions. Thus, we cannot stress enough, the importance of choosing the right type of Italian designer […]

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Finding the Right Shapes for Dining Tables

Shapes of Dining Tables

Who knew that there were various shapes for dining tables to choose from? What shape of dining table is best? It’s more than choosing between circles and squares. There are guidelines one must follow and keep in mind when deciding what dining table shape to choose from.  Main Factors in Deciding What Shape of Dining […]

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Italian Bar Stools

Italian Bar Stools

When you are on the hunt in search of new furniture it’s always good to research into it. Don’t just buy any piece of furniture. For instance counter and bar stools, may look the same and serve the same purpose but that doesn’t mean you should just buy either-or. When chosen well, your new Italian […]

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Modern Italian TV Units

Modern Italian TV Unit

Expanding our knowledge in interior designing really helps decide the overall furniture style for our home. T.V units play a major role in enhancing the overall look of the room’s mood. We need to consider functionality and aesthetic needs, in the final decision from the style to the materials used, to the finish and design […]

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Top 3 Upholstered Italian Fabrics

upholstered Italian fabric leather couch

There are endless options available in the market when it comes to the different types of upholstered Italian fabrics. Fabric is actually the most important factor to consider. If you want your upholstery Italian furniture to be stylish and comfortable, you need to understand the different types of upholstered Italian fabric on the market before […]

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Design Your Home with Traditional Italian Interior Design

Traditional Interior Design for Home

Among all of the interior designing world, traditional Italian interior design is quite popular. Traditional furniture is a major factor when designing a space with traditional interior influence. You may like traditional-style furniture and may not even know it. What exactly is traditional Interior design? Traditional Furniture in Traditional Italian Interior Design Traditional Italian interior […]

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Italian Nightstands – Types And Styles

italian nightstand

Nothing screaming “adulting” like having a harmonious balance in your bedroom. Long gone are the days of disorganization and clutter. The bedroom is the ultimate room in a house because it’s the only place where no one can bother you. It’s meant to be cozy, warm and organized. Then what really creates an overall cohesive […]

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