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Mediums: Marble

Marble has long since been a popular medium to work with. It evokes an elegant, classic look that can be applied to various areas in the home. Marble is a great medium to incorporate in any space. Sophisticated and timeless this medium will look great in any home whether it be traditional, transitional, or modern.


There are various types of marble that exist, what usually separates them is the degree of whiteness and veining. Marble is typically white but depending on the level of gray veining that it possesses in turn changes the type. Since there are variations finding the right one for you and your home is important. Do you want a sleek, polished look? Or do you want the veining to serve as a decorative element? Knowing the difference between the two will help you know what to look for. The most popular types of marble that people usually picture are either carrara or calacatta. If you would like a more polished look carrara is the way to go. This marble is usually grayer with soft veining. If you want bolder, larger veining, calacatta is for you.


Marble is typically seen as counter tops in the kitchen or bathroom. You do not have to limit yourself to only this surface. Marble can be used in a variety of places aside from a counter top. Introducing a marble table in your kitchen can add that extra touch of elegance. Why stop at just the table? You can also add marble to the walls in the kitchen, running just underneath cabinets. Instead of only having marble counter tops in the bathroom, it can also be applied to the floors or the shower. If you decide to opt out of these areas, another option is to use marble as an accent. For example, you can incorporate calacatta as a single wall, the bold grey veining will serve as a decorative element. You can also line marble along a fireplace. This will add high contrast through not only color but texture against a normal wall.


Before you begin covering your entire home in this material the amount of care that is required should be considered. Since marble is a natural material it will age with time. So if you want something that will look as new as the day you received it, marble may not be for you. Marble will naturally age and if it is not regularly taken care of can stain. Depending on where you apply it will effect how rapidly it ages. So you may want to rethink a marble floor if that space regularly has people walking through. On counter tops and tables you will want to frequently clean because spills will stain the surface. Spot treating and sealing will help maintain surfaces, especially areas that are used frequently. Consider polished instead of honed marble, which will be more absorbent.

As tempting as it may be to cover your home in marble finding out how to care and maintain this material is essential. If you do not mind the maintenance or the natural aging the comes with marble then this material is for you.