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Tips for Small Living Rooms

Furnishing a small living room can be quite the challenge. Family and friends spend most of their time here, so you want to make sure it can comfortably seat everyone. A living room does not have to be large in order to provide that warm, inviting feeling. A small space can also create that atmosphere. The trick is to know how and what type of furniture to place.


A well known way to may any room appear spacious is to add mirrors. The reflection gives the illusion that a room is larger than what it might be. It also helps if it placed in opposite a window to make the space appear more open. The mirror helps reflect the outside and also brings in more light to keep it from feeling closed in.  Opposed to a blank wall that may make the room seem closed in. A mirror can be an easy and decorative solution!

Type of Furniture

Instead of adding large, long sofas opt instead of more compact sizes. A small sofa and armchair reduce the crowded feeling. You can maintain a cozy, charming space even without having bulky pieces of furniture. A small two seater sofa with chairs and ottomans provide enough seating for guests while without seating too crowded. The compact size will actually not only provide more space but also give it a more delicate, sleek appearance.

Multifunctional Furniture

If you have a small living room you want to be able to comfortably seat everyone. Instead of having various pieces of furniture for a single use, try to use furniture that has multiple functions. This means only including pieces that are functional to maximize the use of your space.  Poufs can be used as both a coffee table and extra seating. Trunks and vintage suitcases can be used as both storage and items can be placed on top.