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Media Wall Unit

Media wall units are a great addition to any living room or entertainment space. It gives the room definition and creates an interesting focal point. Instead of having the usual television stand and the clutter that typically surrounds around it, wall units are a great alternative. The amount of shelving and cabinets are perfect for not only your television and its accessories but for other decor. You can display mementos, wall unit1photographs, books. The cabinets also give you the option of hiding any unsightly wires and cables. This is a great option that fits many types of spaces, whether you prefer a traditional or modern set up.

For example in this wall unit there are plenty of shelves to properly organize everything while still being able to display your televion. It also features two cabinets on either end for more optimal storage space. The wood placed against the white background creates a nice contrast. This wall unit has a warm, inviting feeling to it because of the wood that is being used.

wall unit2This next wall unit is more modern in design but still has some of the same elements as the previous one. It still contains shelving and cabinets to properly store everything. The darker wood against the shiny finish on the cabinets gives a polished look. The slight curve on the bottom also highlights this sleek appearance. So if you would like something that is a it more modern but not overtly so, this wall unit is perfect.

wall unit3Finally, if the previous example are not for you take a look at this wall unit. This piece will have a modern, sleek look on your wall. The storage is completely closed and not visible, so if you would prefer to hide your objects this option is for you. The color and placement is very clean and minimal. You still have space to place your television and display a couple of objects here and there. If your goal is to have a more refined, clean space then this unit is for you.