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How to Maintain Wood Floors

Having hard wood floors can be a beautiful addition to any home. The various tones and finishes are sure to fit the vision that you have for your home. Caring for wood floors may seem like a difficult thing considering everything that they endure. Moving furniture, spills, and even our own footsteps may be some of the countless things that may happen to your floors. For these reasons, caring for wood floors may seem like a difficult and costly process but with regular maintenance your floors’ qualities will not be ruined.

Untreated Wood Floors: In order to clean this type of hardwood floor make sure to have a soft-bristle vacuum. It will properly remove any dirt or dust without scratching the surface. One the surface is clean you can polish it to retain its appearance. The trick with polishing hard wood floors is to not over saturate it with liquid. Use a microfiber cloth and just enough of the polisher to dampen it. If you are trying to remove tough stains it is best to contact a professional rather than use harsh products that may end up doing damage. Regularly using the process will ensure that your floor is in its best condition.

Finished Wood Floors: These types of floors are easier to clean because they have already been treated. The floors have been surface-sealed which makes them resistant to stains or water damage. Since it does have a finish this will effect how you treat any difficult stains. You may have to use different materials to ensure the removal of the stain. For really tough stains you may have to use sandpaper to remove everything. After this process is done you will have to re-apply the finish and a polish.

Things to Avoid: In order to avoid any scratches or scuffs on the floors avoid wearing shoes that can possibly damage it. If you have pets make sure to clip their nails to avoid scratches. All purpose cleaner should also be avoided because they are not made to specifically treat this medium. When cleaning be careful of how much liquid you use because it could take a long time to dry and distort the wood. Protect your floors from sunlight that can cause discoloration if it is exposed for too long. In order to ensure that the wood ages evenly, periodically re-position rugs and furniture.