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What You Need To Know: Buffets

What exactly are buffets and their use in a dining room?

Buffets actually have several different uses that have changed throughout history and location. Thebianchini-park-avenue-buffety have been used to lay out beverages, spread an array of food, or to store dining supplies. Regardless of what you may use them for, including a buffet in your dining room is essential in tying the space together. It not only serves as a place for extra storage but can also be used to bring a certain element to your space. If you would like to display fine dining supplies or simply some decor that is a possibility. Of course, not only is the storage space and what you can display important but the actual furniture and how it works in your home is just as important.
For example, this Bianchini Buffet from the Park Avenue Collection would be a great addition to a sleek dining room. The dark wood finish and the pedestal in which it is supported gives this item a more modern look. Consider this style of buffet if you would prefer something more modern but still has its traditional elements.

10164212_5This buffet by Seven Sedie has a similar color to the previous one but follows more of the traditional elements. Instead of a pedestal this buffet is supported by legs. The storage is actually more visible in this one, the cabinets are highlighted by the woodwork. It also shows how buffets can also be used as a decorative element. Not only through their finish and shape but by the objects that you can place on top. You can see how the buffet works together with the decor on top to create a new atmosphere within the space.

991-bIf you would like to go a more traditional/classical route this Silik buffet is a great example. Even if you were to remove the decor the buffet alone has a presence in the dining room. The curvature and the ornamentation make this a great addition. While the function still remains, its all about the design that fits your style.