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Office Chairs

No office would be complete without an office chair. If you are going to spend long hours working at your desk find a chair suitable for you! Now, if this office is more for personal use at your home maybe you are looking for something casual. Unless you plan on furnishing a study opting for a non-traditional office chair will make your office feel more cozy.

While office chairs do offer ergonomics and a variety of settings, do they fit in your home office? Having an office at home does not mean you have to furnish it exactly like an office. Since this is your personal space adding your personality and tastes into your office chair is a possibility. If the surrounding furniture is more laid back and does not automatically scream office, having a chair that matches that environment is better.

Here’s our pick for casual, cozy office chairs!

Dama Chair:


Offers the quality and comfort of a typical office chair with a more laid back appearance. This chair comes in a variety of colors to give your personal office a vibrant feel. While also being suitable for a office type space with the option of having wheels for better mobility at your desk.

Vanity Chair:

damaAnother option for a casual office chair. The shape makes it comfortable enough to sit at your work space for long periods of time. There are plenty of options when it comes to the legs if you prefer wheels or another style. Its still perfect for your work station while also adding an element of casualness.

Marilyn Chair:

A colorful option is the Marilyn chair by Midj. This soft chair is perfect for a variety of uses. If you have a really easy going work space this chair is for you. It is available with enough color to make your space homey but it is still designed to be a comfortable chair so you can work uninterrupted.

With these selections you can see that you can venture outside the typical office chair. These chairs still have some elements that can make them comfortable for use in an office but without the rigidness that is seen in an office chair.