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A Library in a Small Home

Incorporating a library in your home is possible regardless of the size. Having a small area for your books brings a warm and comforting mood to any environment. You do not need a vast amount of space to include a library. Incorporating a small book collection in small spaces is possible with the right touch. You also do not need a separate room to house your collection. Your books can co-exist with other items and pair nicely with spaces you might have not imagined a book being in.

Small Spaces

Finding a place to house your books in small spaces may seem difficult but can be easy if you think outside the box. Books do not have to be secluded in their own space. They can serve as a decorative element and really brighten up areas in your home. For example, consider adding a small library to your dining room. Not only can it be decorative but it serves as a conversation piece and can be a place to store some cook books. The living room is also a good area to add a library. It is a comfortable place where one cold sit down and read. You can also include it with your technology in the living room. Although the television is usually a focal point adding books is also a possibility. It will make for a nice, cozy combination to see your television in between your collection.Try not to limit your spaces as just single use rooms. A room can have multiple uses for various things, its about finding a balance.

Another useful tip is opting for built in bookshelves. Instead of having separate bookshelves that may protrude, built ins are better suited for saving space. Built in book shelves offer a more seamless, clean look. They are integrated into the walls rather than having a separate piece of furniture. Make sure to prioritize which books you really want in your collection. If there are some you will never read again or did not enjoy, donate them! In a small space, it is important that your collection does not get out of hand. If you want to get the most out of the space you have, floor to ceiling shelving is an option. Get the most out of your room by also using vertical space. Don’t have a section for your book collection? Make use of a hallway by adding built in shelves. This not only adds decoration but gives guests an interesting view as they walk through the hall.

 Regardless of the size of your home consider adding a small library. Aside from the obvious use there is much more to books that can really add to a space. Books are sure to be warm and inviting for your guests. They make great conversation pieces. By incorporating your books around your home you can bring your personality and style out in a unique way.