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Finding A Beautiful Italian Leather Sofa in a Contemporary Style

Finding a beautiful Italian leather sofa in a contemporary style is the holy grail for many of today’s lovers of fine interior design.  From designers to developers to hoteliers envisioning the perfect, plush lobby, the right sofa is key.

A sofa doesn’t just need to be attractive.  It needs to be comfortable.  It’s where form and function are balanced, in living rooms, offices, fine hotels and conference facilities.

And contemporary Italian furniture design delivers that balance effortlessly.

yellow leather sofa Francine

It starts with the cow

Italy’s enduring tradition of creating fine furnishings is rooted in artisan craftsmanship in which quality materials play a pivotal role.

So, an Italian leather sofa starts with the cow.  Over many generations, Italians have perfected the art of selective breeding to produce exquisitely soft leather that’s of the highest quality.  What’s the point of covering a sofa in leather, if it isn’t the best?  The piece is intended to endure for many years.

The leather used in Italian furniture design must be flawless and meet the standards of the craftsmen who will be creating a sofa from it.  Scarred leather is rejected for this purpose and put to use for other needs.

Accepting only the best is where the superior quality of Italian furniture begins.

Standing the test of time

An Italian leather sofa is also resistant to staining (and you know that sooner or later, somebody’s going to spill something). The quality of the leather is key in this regard, because in Italy, sofas are made to last.

When finding a beautiful Italian leather sofa in a contemporary style is your quest, don’t allow a low price tag to turn your head.  What may look like quality isn’t always.  Sometimes, it’s worth paying a little extra for a piece which is going to stand the test of time and grace your space with elegance and sophistication for decades to come.

sofa Gloria from Ego Italiano

The best of Italy

Finding a beautiful Italian leather sofa is a pleasant and edifying journey through the epochs of Italian design, when you come to Michelangelo to find it.

At our expansive showroom and warehouse, you’ll find the best of Italy, featuring collections of this fabled nation’s most acclaimed furniture design houses.

We established the first and only Italian Design Center in the USA, because we wanted to create a resource to professionals in the Trade, facilitating over-and-above creativity, married to the excellence of Italian Design.

Is the sofa you’ve magically discovered not upholstered in leather?  Fear not.  At Michelangelo Designs, we offer 1,000 textile selections which include rich, sumptuous Italian leathers.  Select from names like Ego Italiano, the essence of upholstered furniture direct from Matera, Italy, or turn to Silik for its award-winning innovation.

Retailers, real estate developers, interior designers and architects will all find that ideal Italian leather sofa at the Italian Design Center, where Italian style and quality meet American ingenuity, to satisfy the tastes of discerning clients.

If you’re intent on finding a beautiful Italian leather sofa in a contemporary design, you’ve found your source, at Michelangelo.