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Michelangelo Designs

Take a journey through art, history, and design. We have selected Italy’s most upscale masterpieces featuring the sophisticated elegance and ultimate designs. Every piece of Italian furniture reflects the style, quality, and beauty that have made Italian furniture world-renowned. From French Provincial, Baroque, Beidermeier, Louis XV, Louis XVI and Impero to Art deco, Contemporary, and Modern designs, Michelangelo Designs carries them all. We invite you to come and experience why we are referred to as:

“the cure from the common.”

Classic Italian Furniture | Works Of Art and History In Your Own Home

A Lesson In The World Of Classic Italian Furniture As part of the top furniture exports in the world, classic Italian furniture holds great importance to its country and other parts of the world, including . In Italy, the furniture is not only serves as a functional product but is treated as artwork. This is […]


5 Designer-Approved Living Room Décor Ideas

The living room is one of the most public spaces in your home.  Here is where you receive and entertain guests and spend time with family and friends. It’s a room which demands more than a few tired family photos and a couple of equally tired throw cushions.  The living room demands that you aspire […]


Stylish Dining Room Colors and Combinations

Color is the name of the interior design game these days.  For too long relegated to the back burner, color has again surged to the forefront as a crucial component of home décor. Stylish dining room colors and combinations run the gamut from super-saturated to subtle this year, but if one thing’s for sure, color’s […]


Ideas to Create a Cozy Living Room

Is there any greater pleasure than curling up with a good book in a cozy corner of your living room?  But sometimes, our desire to model style over comfort heads us off.  We become victims of our own excellent taste. What purpose does form serve if it’s not meshed with function?  Any reader will tell […]