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Michelangelo Designs

Take a journey through art, history, and design. We have selected Italy’s most upscale masterpieces featuring the sophisticated elegance and ultimate designs. Every piece of Italian furniture reflects the style, quality, and beauty that have made Italian furniture world-renowned. From French Provincial, Baroque, Beidermeier, Louis XV, Louis XVI and Impero to Art deco, Contemporary, and Modern designs, Michelangelo Designs carries them all. We invite you to come and experience why we are referred to as:

“the cure from the common.”

Contemporary Italian Furniture Brands to Keep an Eye On

Have you ever seen a gorgeous room on Instagram or Pinterest and thought, “I want my home to look like that”? Of course you have! But making that wish a reality is not always easy. There are so many interior design trends these days. One style that is gaining popularity is Italian design. Italy has […]


Combining the Old with The New: Transitional Furniture Styles

Did you know that certain colors can affect a person’s behavior and mood? This is the basis of color psychology, and it plays a big role when it comes to furniture design. This is especially true for the traditional furniture style. If you haven’t heard of the transitional furniture style before, don’t worry because it’s […]


Contemporary Italian Furniture Trends for 2022

Italy has such an amazing history in design, that it is no surprise that it is still the reference point in the design industry whether it’s couture, luxury bags, and especially the furniture department. In the interior designing world, changes are inevitable since trends come and go. However, Italian furniture designers are not new to […]


Italian Furniture Design: A Shift Towards Minimalism

Did you know that the minimalism movement first came about in the late 1950? Since then, people have been obsessed with minimalist art and furniture. After all, minimalist furniture is so unique compared to other types of furniture that are often full of decoration. Minimalist Italian furniture is the perfect furniture style for those who […]