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The Rise of Modern Italian Furniture in NJ: How to Create a Chic and Contemporary Living Space

modern furniture njThe popularity of modern Italian furniture has grown exponentially in NJ over the last few years. Modern Italian furniture in NJ has become a staple in high-end interior decorating, from modern sofa sets to luxurious dining room tables.

Modern furniture NJ providers are perfect for creating a chic and contemporary living space in your home. If you’re considering a new look for your home and want to dip into the luxury and beauty of modern Italian furniture, this article is just for you. Let’s look at the rise of modern Italian furniture and discover how to create a chic, contemporary living space you’ll love calling home.

What is the Modern Italian Style?

Modern Italian furniture is inspired by modern design principles and features sleek lines, minimalistic shapes, and bold colors. A modern Italian furniture set can create a chic and contemporary living space that is both sophisticated and inviting.

Rather than containing elaborate designs and intricate details, modern Italian furniture emphasizes simplicity to create an elegant living space. Its emphasis on simple designs makes the modern Italian style ideal for designers that want more flexibility when decorating their homes. Below are some additional defining features of modern Italian furniture you can expect when you start shopping.

1. Symmetry

Symmetry is critical to modern Italian furniture. NJ homeowners will find symmetry in nearly any piece of luxurious Italian furniture, perfect for a cohesive and clean appearance in your home. Lines and proportions help make modern Italian furniture functional, aesthetically pleasing, and suitable for any environment.

2. Woods

One of the primary materials used in modern Italian furniture is vibrant, dark-colored wood. The dark wood shade in Italian furniture and design is timeless and chic and can perfectly complement your room’s overall color scheme and layout.

3. Color

Color is one of the defining characteristics of modern Italian furniture and design and helps your pieces stand out from the rest of the room without being unpleasant to look at. For instance, furniture may be an elegant, bold, and dark-colored wood, while other features of the room or your furniture may be a light, elegant cream shade.

Varying shades, hues, and intensity are essential for creating modern Italian furniture. The color schemes used in modern Italian design create a striking contrast that defines the tone of a room. Paired with beautiful symmetry, the colors in modern Italian furniture provide a lovely, spacious atmosphere without feeling isolated.

4. Metalsmithing

Along with dark wood, Italian furniture frequently incorporates metal into its design. Metalsmithing is popular in Italian design, and modern Italian furniture often has intricate refinements and high-quality metal additions crafted with the highest-quality care.

Characteristics of Chic and Contemporary Design

Creating a chic and contemporary living space is simple when you select the best modern Italian furniture. However, you might wonder about the exact characteristics of chic and contemporary design styles. Below are some of the primary characteristics of this design you’ll find in many modern pieces.

  • Minimalistic elements and colors, including shades of beige, white, and gray
  • Sleek design full of hidden details
  • Straight, clean lines
  • Gentle curves
  • Functional and simplistic
  • Splashes of bold colors, often in the decorations and accent pieces
  • Solid fabrics or unintrusive patterns
  • Natural materials, especially wood and metal

What to Look for in Modern Furniture NJ Providers

Beyond style, quality, and cost, there are a few factors to consider before purchasing a set of modern Italian furniture for your home. Your new furniture should suit your home’s existing decor–if it doesn’t, your living space might look unbalanced and chaotic. When selecting the best provider of modern Italian furniture, keep in mind some of the following elements that might influence your decision.

1. Colors

One way to ensure that your modern Italian furniture fits with your home’s existing decor is to consider the space’s colors. Consider the color palette of the room and the color of the walls and floors. A neutral color palette is a great way to create a contemporary living space. However, consider adding a few vibrant colors to create a more dynamic and exciting look.

2. Texture

Regarding textures, look for pieces compatible with the existing decorations and furniture in the space. For instance, if you have a lot of wood furniture, look for pieces with a similar wood grain to create a more cohesive feel. Similarly, if you have a lot of upholstered furniture, look for pieces with similar colors and textures to create a more unified look.

3. Size and Scale

It is also essential to consider the furniture’s size and scale when incorporating it into the existing decor. If your furniture pieces are too large or too small for the space, they can look out of place and disrupt the room’s overall balance. Have measurements for the rooms you’re looking to decorate to ensure that you don’t over or underestimate the space.

4. Lighting

Proper lighting can make a room look more inviting and luxurious. Selecting the right lighting fixtures to complement your modern Italian furniture can significantly impact your home. You can choose stunning, ornate lighting fixtures that make a statement or use subtle, less prominent lighting fixtures for a contemporary style.

5. Accessories and Accents

The last element to consider is the accessories and accents. Accessories such as modern art, pillows, and throws can bring life to any room and make it appear more inviting. You can also use mirrors, accent rugs, and other decorative pieces to add a touch of sophistication to your modern Italian furniture.

Get the Best Modern Furniture NJ From Michelangelo Design

Finding a high-quality provider to help design your home is challenging, especially when seeking a specific style, such as chic, modern furniture. NJ residents will find everything they want in modern Italian pieces from Michelangelo Design, New Jersey’s premier place to get luxury furniture.

Modern Italian furniture is one of the best ways to create a chic and contemporary living space that screams elegance and sophistication. You can create an inviting space that impresses your guests with our high-quality pieces. Contact us today for more information on decorating your dream home, or set up an in-person visit to our showroom.