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Top Italian Furniture Companies: Discovering the Best in Italian Design

Italian furniture has long been renowned for its quality and timeless style. Many Italian companies have a centuries-old tradition of designing exquisite pieces that add character to homes or businesses worldwide. From modern solutions crafted with sophistication to antique craftsmanship styles, something special about Italian furniture design sets it apart from the rest. Let’s take an in-depth look at three leading Italian furniture companies – each boasting their unique style and story – so you can easily jazz up your space like any true connoisseur of home décor.

Bel Mondo

Bellotti Ezio Arredamenti creates living spaces and atmospheres inspired by the concept of luxury as something for everyday life with its new Bel Mondo collections, which are inspired by the contemporary style. This concept is represented by simple, clean-lined furniture that repurposes past techniques with a modern twist.

All of the contemporary Italian luxury furniture they provide was designed. Consequently, each piece is the product of a reflection that led to the conception of an idea brought to life by the skill and experience of our artisans.

With Bel Mondo Italian furniture company, the handcrafted tradition meets the design, giving life to premium Italian contemporary furniture. This results in furniture with attractive shapes that enhance living spaces and one-of-a-kind pieces that express the style and tastes of the individuals who pick them.

Casa +39

Since the company’s founding in 1997, Linea & Casa +39 has maintained a close connection to the furniture world. The industry leader in traditional, modern, and contemporary furniture and complete turnkey interior design and fit-out projects.

Linea & Casa +39 is an Italian furniture company that creates one-of-a-kind living environments by fusing forward-thinking concepts with time-honored customs while maintaining the meticulous attention to detail characteristic of Italian handiwork. Linea & Casa +39 can integrate aesthetic solutions capable of producing sophisticated atmospheres for both the residential and commercial sectors, thanks to the distinctive and refined way in which it expresses its stylistic expression.

Linea & Casa +39 can offer endless possible combinations because of their extensive selection of finishes and fabrics. These combinations help to produce an authentic “extensible collection” that is suited to the requirements of high-end interior design.


COMPAR, established in 1984, is responsible for creating a one-of-a-kind blend of environmentally friendly materials and techniques that have a distinctive, uncomplicated character. The mission of COMPAR is to develop a bridge between historic architectural features and the requirements of the future to revitalize residential and commercial areas. COMPAR, which strongly emphasizes brand identification, infuses Italian furniture with a sense of nostalgia while incorporating contemporary design principles.

This is an Italian furniture company that is driven by innovation and is focused on continuously redefining itself. They propose an answer to this age’s immediate requirements, demonstrating their commitment to innovation. The guiding principle behind COMPAR’s design philosophy is adaptability, which is highly relevant to the needs of today’s environment. The brand’s designers are actively engaged with the reality they face daily, causing the brand to alter and evolve continuously.

In the Michelangelo Design Center, COMPAR is now included with an elite group of Italy’s most prestigious names in the furniture design industry. Michelangelo is honored to be the first and only Italian Design Center in the United States. Since 1985, they have brought the finest examples of Italian design to professionals in the trade.

SF Collection

SF collection has been built through three generations of an entrepreneurial family. It began with a grandfather’s tenacity and hard work that laid the groundwork for the success of the SF Collection. The legacy continues today as they create and manufacture their furniture in their two factories.

Both factories are responsible for the entire production process, from raw materials to final painting. This allows SF to reduce production costs without sacrificing quality for its clients.

Sf is an Italian furniture company with two specific collections: unconventional and essential. Each piece is eloquently designed and is top-of-line Italian furniture, each featuring many chic and contemporary chair and table designs.

Midj Design

Midj design believes Italy is more than just a place of production; it represents a way of thinking and living that they have embraced in designing and innovating the concept of furniture since 1987.

Their production’s DNA is also rooted in optimism for the future—Midj designs for people who want to live and create real, bright, and joyful spaces. The soft design incorporates flowing lines, rounded corners, and soft furnishings for happy and comfortable moments.

Midj collections constantly seek versatility and the opportunity to find a complete solution for public and private spaces. They investigate all possible solutions to your furniture project. Each Midj furniture collection is created using brand-new materials and colors that have been thoroughly tested.

Why Choose Michelangelo Designs

The elite Italian furniture makers are offered through Michelangelo Design, in addition to the company’s own curated collection of products suitable for every area or project. We provide Italy’s most up-to-date styles and designs for your projects in the United States. Our selection of high-end furniture spans three centuries, from traditional to transitional to contemporary to ultra-modern.

Our high-end furniture collections will take you through art, fashion, and history. These collections will also evoke feelings by adding a sense of harmony and elegance to any space. We can make your interior design dreams come true by providing you with the most original, stylish, and comfy furniture currently available.

The team at Michelangelo Designs is dedicated to providing the very best of Italy. We do this by integrating quality, design, and service to generate value for you and the projects you’re working on. Our high-end furniture is warehoused in New Jersey for domestic sales, and for foreign sales, it is kept in Italy. Our company is regarded as “The Cure From the Common” in the field of furniture manufacturing. Contact us to learn more.