Contract Furnishings: Elevating Hospitality Spaces with Italian Design and Craftsmanship

contract furnishingsIn the hospitality business, it is vital to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable. What’s more, guests at high-end establishments expect a certain level of luxury. How can you elevate your hospitality design to meet these high expectations?

You can transform your hospitality space with refined Italian furnishings. These quality pieces will enhance any room they are placed in. Having contract furnishings from a high-end Italian furnishings company will take your hotel, resort, or casino to the next level.

In hospitality, especially high-end hospitality, the intersection between comfort and aesthetic appeal can become crucial. Here, guests will typically expect not only a certain degree of pampering and for their basic needs to be met but also to be greeted with visually appealing spaces, whether indoor or outdoor. Here, the discerning eye takes in the elevation that Italian design and craftsmanship brings with it.

Italian Design and Craftsmanship

Why Italian design? Italian design and craftsmanship are renowned the world over. Italian furniture designs are known for their beauty, function, and high-quality materials. These furnishings combine art, style, and classic design elements.

At Michelangelo Designs Group, we have only the best Italian furnishings. Our high-end furnishings will bring a sense of opulence and elegance to your hospitality space. Our beautiful bedroom, dining room, living room, and office furniture will make your guests feel both welcomed and indulged.

Italian design and craftsmanship are often regarded—the world over—as second to none when it comes to pursuing excellence and combining well-established tradition with the cutting-edge. Whether you’re looking for furnishings that offer the awe of eye-stopping craftsmanship or those that exude luxury and comfort, fine Italian furniture does it all.

At Michelangelo Designs Group, we curate a selection of furnishings that range greatly in style and functionality but are invariably of the highest quality. Whether you’re looking for bedroom, dining room, living room, or office furniture, we have pieces that combine beauty and comfort and exemplify the workmanship through which they were made.

Contract Furnishings – Elevated Style, Meet Rigor

Contract furnishings must live up to a rigorous standard, combining strength and durability with comfort and beauty. At Michaelangelo Design Group, we’ve curated a range of pieces designed to meet the needs of your organization and the needs of any visitors or guests you may have.

Our refined Italian designs are sure to enhance the rooms in your hospitality business. Your guests will feel comfortable, pampered, and regal while using our fine Italian furnishings. The following guide is a curated list of some of our best pieces for hospitality spaces. Read on to learn more about each piece.

Bedroom Furnishings

For those in the hospitality industry, room furnishings are key to creating delightful guest experiences. Elevate spaces with Italian brands, from Angelo Cappellini to Sevensedie. Whether you’re looking for traditional, modern, or anything in between, we carry a range of styles to meet any space. Create an inviting, sleek modern space with muted earth tones and a comfortable Mantellassi Fedro Bed, or dive into tradition with a lush space completed with a Domus Design wooden headboard.

When it comes to the bedroom, geist should feel like royalty. Go for a contemporary look with this Elliot bed. This bed has clean lines and a calming color scheme. By Bianchini, this bed has a transitional style that lasts forever.

Next, we’ll take a look at this Coleman Bed. This bed’s gorgeous transitional design is both modern and timeless. Also by Bianchini, this double bed has a beautifully upholstered headrest. When you choose this large double bed, you will get beauty and functionality.

You will need other pieces of furniture for the bedroom. Consider this beautiful ottoman, this gorgeous Venus wardrobe, and this lovely Jerome Bedside table. We have many beautiful pieces of furniture that are both practical and elegant.

Dining Sets

You can greatly enhance the dining experience of your guests when you choose high-quality, Italian-crafted furnishings. Our beautiful tables and chairs will bring a sense of luxury and refinement to your dining spaces.

First, you’ll need a gorgeous dining table that meets your guests’ needs while looking stunning. Consider this Minerva Round Table if you prefer a traditional look. This round table is made of high-quality wood and topped with glass. The matching chairs are gorgeously ornate with lush, upholstered cushioned seats. This set is the ultimate example of comfort and classic beauty.

If you are looking for a more contemporary style, take a look at this Humbert Table. This transitional-style dining table is by Bianchini and has beautiful, clean lines. The simple design of this table brings a timeless look to your dining space.

We have a large selection of dining chairs. For a pop of color, try this Genevieve Armchair. This chair has a beautiful shape and will go with many different styles of tables. For a more traditional style dining chair, consider the Daphne Chair. From Silik, this beautiful dining chair is available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and finishes.

Couches and Sofas

When you place luxurious sofas in the sitting areas of your hospitality space, you enrich and elevate it. Your living rooms and lobbies need to be inviting as well as beautiful. Choosing a luxurious couch or sofa is a wonderful way to accomplish this.

Sectionals are always a popular choice. This Dominique sectional from Bianchini will enhance any sitting space. This corner sofa with a right-facing lounge has a functional transitional style. Made from high-end beige velvet, this sofa’s calming earth tones will help your guests relax.

For a more classic style, this Chesterfield Modular Sofa will fit the bill. From Mantallassi, this luxe sofa has that classic Chesterfield style. This sofa is made from luxurious Italian leather and will make any room feel opulent. If you prefer a traditional look for your sitting spaces, consider this Plutone Sofa. From the Silik brand, this sofa has gorgeously ornate details and plump cushioned upholstery.

Hospitality Furnishings

contract furnishingsWhether you’re designing a lobby, meeting room, office, or other public space, functionality and appearance are two primary considerations. Next? Comfort. Italian design and craftsmanship are known for their ability to bring these components together, creating something truly wonderful. Create a truly inviting space for discussion and relaxation with a contemporary classic like a Compar Desire chair, or combine the classic with the contemporary with a Midj Lea S M TS Chair.

Office Furnishings

When creating an office space, not all furnishings are created equal. Spaces that prioritize comfort, elegance, and beauty give off an unmistakable sense of greatness. Create a midcentury modern look with quality to match with Domus Design armchairs, or combine comfort and contemporary style with Diem Fit office chairs.

Your guests need to have a comfortable and functional space to conduct work tasks. Having an attractive office space in your hotel or resort is a great way to offer more to your guests.

Choose high-quality office furnishings to make your guests feel comfortable while they work. Firstly, you’ll need a beautiful desk. For a desk that makes a statement, try this Majestic Desk by Bianchini. This beautifully crafted desk is made with Macassar Ebony and features brass and metal elements. This desk has clean lines and a transitional style.

For a traditional style desk, look to this Damide desk. This classic-style desk has 3 drawers and is made from beautiful beech wood. This desk is available with a gold or silver-leaf lacquer finish.

We have a large collection of beautiful office chairs. If you’d like a traditional style chair, look no further than this Jupiter Swivel chair. Your guest will feel like a king while sitting in this magnificent chair. From Silik, this swivel chair is adjustable, has luxe leather upholstery, and has beautiful tufted cushioning.

Compliment your modern office space with an office chair to match. This Skin office chair offers a hi-tech, high-quality design for your contemporary office settings. This chair has a unique look and adds some ergonomic comfort as well as some color to your hospitality spaces.

Contract Furnishings That Transform Your Hospitality Space

The Michelangelo Designs Group was founded in 1985. Since that time, we have become New Jersey’s premier spot for high-end Italian furniture. We have all of the traditional, transitional, and contemporary furnishings you are looking for.

The Bottom Line

Italian design and craftsmanship are second to none when combining elegance with functionality. Whether you’re furnishing an office space, a hospitality space, or anything in between, contract furnishings can demand the best—resilient furniture that weathers use and visitors while invariably exuding luxury and comfort. At Michelangelo Designs, we understand that. For an incredible selection of furnishings that we’ve curated extensively to meet the most discerning tastes and extensive needs, don’t hesitate to contact us online or come see us in the showroom.


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