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A Modern Italian Style for Outdoor Living Spaces

Now that summer has finally come, with its sweet, warm breezes and languid outdoor living, you’re fully engaged in making your deck, patio or balcony as stunningly beautiful as your indoor spaces.

You may have your time-honored favorite pieces, pulled out faithfully, year after year.  Then again, you may be looking for a change that refreshes your summer experience.

A modern Italian style for outdoor living spaces can be as simple a change of seating or adding a colorful all-weather rug.  And while the mood matters, enjoying the glorious summer weather is all about comfort and relaxation.

Striking a balance between style and sybaritic pleasure is what a modern Italian style for outdoor spaces is all about.

outdoor modern furniture

Creating Intimacy

Modern furniture gets short shrift from far too many people.  They interpret its clean, simple lines as stark – uninviting.  But nothing could be further from the truth.

All you need to do is look back through the history of modern design to find examples of what we’re talking about. Eames’s iconic lounge chair is just one emblem of comfortable modern style that refutes the perception that it isn’t comfortable.

And with modern furniture, you’re able to create the same intimacy around the fire pit that you do around your dining room table or in your living room.  In fact, sleek modern lines lend themselves to exteriors.  Unfussy and unobtrusive, they offer both comfort and style.

And when it’s modern, there’s little concern about the weather, as modern furniture interpretations very often work in materials which are resistant to heat, moisture and other elemental realities that can cause other types of furniture to deteriorate rapidly.

At Home al fresco

A modern Italian style for outdoor living spaces is at home al fresco.  It’s in the open air that it does some of its most compelling work, in terms of design.

Because of the nature of modern design, outdoor furniture in this style tends not to interrupt the setting.  Rather, it complements it.  Because of its linear simplicity, modern Italian furniture for outdoor living spaces doesn’t compete with your garden, your view of the river or the forest your house backs onto.  It’s there, but subtly so, as you enjoy the pleasures of outdoor living.

outdoor living space

And comfort isn’t sacrificed with modern furniture, despite the perceptions of some.  As we’ve pointed out, the famed Eames lounge chair established modern furniture as a font of comfort.  That font, when expressed in your outdoor spaces, takes the form of sunbeds, Acapulco chairs and sensually-formed tables and lighting solutions that make being outside not only a stylish way to enjoy the fine summer weather, but an imminently comfortable one.

Tradition is a nice thing to have, but outdoor living demands the beauty of modern Italian style, bringing the brief but delicious season of summer something that reaches beyond Adirondacks and fold up chairs with drink holders.

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