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Italian Loveseats: The Favorite Among The Family

italian loveseatsWe all have a favorite chair or couch in our living room but because of its small universal design we can all agree that the loveseat, is our winner. Loveseats made there entrance to the furniture world during the 17th century. This two-seater couch was created for the sole purpose of being able to accommodate women, who during that time wore big hoop skirts. However, once women’s skirts became smaller, the two-seater sofa became recognized as the only piece of furniture dedicated to love.

The loveseat received its name due to the fact that it is small enough for two people to sit on, loveseat refers to the young lovebird couple that would sit to court themselves on a nice evening. As time progressed, leading to the 19th century having a loveseat was considered a sign of wealth, as it become more popular in the homes of the upper class.

Fast forward to today, loveseats have become an instant furniture staple in the millennial home. It is versatile, and functional. They do not take much space, unlike sectionals and sofas, which is perfect for small properties, or small lobby waiting areas. They are designed for comfortability and come in various styles.

Italian Loveseats At Michelangelo Designs

Michelangelo Designs displays only the best Italian Loveseats in the Italian furniture designing world. We are the home to Italy’s most recognized and praised brands on the market. Among all of our loveseats displayed in our showroom, we will briefly highlight three different loveseats ranging from modern, to traditional and contemporary designs.

First let’s take a look at the loveseat almost every client purchases, the butterfly loveseat. The butterfly loveseat is created by Opera Contemporary. Opera Contemporary is a branch from Angelo Capellini, which is a high – end Italian furniture brand that focuses in creating timeless furniture. The butterfly loveseat is composed of a refined capitonnè work that is featured on the backrest which is completely handmade. It is a breathtaking piece of art. After all Italian furniture is treated like art which is why you cannot miss the opportunity to own a butterfly loveseat.

Egoitaliano which is another high-end Italian furniture branch creates high quality Italian eco-friendly loveseats, sofas and armchairs. Egoitaliano’s Megane loveseat is another customer favorite. The Megane is a modern styled loveseat that is available in various Italian leathers and colors. The best part of this loveseat is the fact that it comes with activated recliners! How sweet does that sound?

The last loveseat we will touch base on, is the Cleopatra loveseat which is designed by Angelo Cappellini. This time we are going back in time, and focusing on more traditional furniture designs. The Cleopatra is a beautiful loveseat with a tufted backrest and wooden frame and armrests. Angelo Cappellini is well known of their wood working craftsmanship and offer this loveseat in six different finishes of wood! Which is perfect in order to match any existent furniture you already have or if you’d like to add dimensions to your living room, with the different shading.

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All in all, loveseats are here to stay and as time passes by, we feel like it’s an essential furniture piece to have around. It brings an entire room together and it promotes togetherness, warmth and comfort. Michelangelo Designs has more than three Italian loveseats to share with you, believe me. Therefore, call and book your appointment in order to see the breathtaking high – quality Italian furniture made from the hands of the very best Italian manufacturers.