EgoItaliano Furniture

  • Factory: Matera, Italy
  • Style: Modern

Satisfy your ego – a return to the essence of upholstered furniture.

Recovering the essence of upholstered furniture has been the mission of EgoItaliano since the company’s inception.  Based in Matera, Italy, this internationally-renowned brand has restored the essence of upholstered furniture by returning to a model that’s elegantly designed, comfortable and orthopedically-sound.

For decades, upholstered furniture has trended to the excessively soft.  That tendency has been reversed by EgoItaliano, offering consumers a return to sofas, armchairs and loveseats which support the human spine, as it was intended to be supported.

This is the reality beneath the sophisticated lines and sumptuous leather upholstery associated with the Ego brand.  There’s more to this beautiful seating than meets the eye.

EgoItaliano brings you Italian design in which functionality has been perfected to become a sophisticated reality, enhancing living spaces around the world.

Michelangelo Designs brings you EgoItaliano.

Establishing the first and only Italian Design Center in the USA in 1985, Michelangelo Designs offers professionals in the Trade a creative playground on which their dreams become reality.

EgoItaliano is joined by an exclusive selection of the most sought-after Italian furniture design houses, at our expansive warehouse and showroom.

Professionals working in retail, architecture, real estate development and interior design will find the full scope of Italian design excellence in one place.  Offering everything from impeccable reproductions of period furniture, to contemporary expressions of Italian design excellence, we go one step further.  Michelangelo brings to Italy’s finest furniture brands your creative impulse.

By offering 1,000 textile selections, including rich woods and fine leathers, we bring Trade professionals the ability to fully realize their creative visions.  Discerning clients will wonder at the precision you bring to their projects, with one-of-a-kind customization at your fingertips.

Endless possibilities.

Michelangelo Designs is all about the possible.  Without limitations, design brilliance comes to life, producing unique expressions of client desires which conform to their visions of extraordinarily breathtaking spaces.

What you’re creating may involve a step back in time, combined with a modernist edge, or a rustic interior, complimented by industrial chic.  With Michelangelo Designs, it all becomes possible, with our leading edge selection of Italy’s finest design houses and a diversity of opportunities to create something completely fresh.

Even the upholstered luxury of EgoItaliano can conform to your design vision, work with us to see your vision come to fruition.

Cure the common at Michelangelo.

Trade professionals may schedule an appointment to experience the creative edge offered at Michelangelo Designs.  With exclusively Italian furniture, offered exclusively to the Trade, we’ve created a superior resource for those who seek a cure for the common.

Join us to explore the ages of Italian design sophistication, from Bianchini to EgoItaliano.  Realize your vision with the limitless possibilities we bring to your creative impulse.

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