Angelo Cappellini Furniture

angelo cappellini furniture

Founded: 1886
Factory: Brianza, Italy
Styles: Traditional (Louis XV, Louis XVI, Regency, Empire, Biedermeir)

The artistic apex of furniture design – Angelo Cappellini.

With its genesis in a small town in the Brianza region of northern Italy, Angelo Cappellini has been practicing the fine art of designing luxury furniture for over 130 years.

Creating some of Italy’s most striking furniture since 1886, the famed work of the Cappellini family is sought after by discerning interior designers, retailers and architects, all over the world.

Angelo Cappellini’s artistry is wrought by hands that have changed the world of Italian furniture design.  That mastery is now available in the United States, at the Michelangelo Design Center.

Michelangelo brings professionals in the Trade the cure for the common.  We represent more than a dozen of Italy’s premier furniture design houses.  Among them, Angelo Cappellini is known as an exemplar.

Hands that change the world.

It’s not just the world of Italian furniture design the mastery of Angelo Cappellini has changed.  It’s the world, itself.  From the United Arab Emirates to Los Angeles, California, you’ll find the craftsmanship and beauty Angelo Cappellini is renowned for gracing eminently sophisticated interiors.

London’s famed Harrod’s department store, Singapore’s Raffles Hotel, the Embassy of Qatar in Ankara, Turkey – all these exceptional interiors feature the work of Angelo Cappellini’s world-changing hands.

Trade professionals can discover this design excellence at our expansive showroom and warehouse facilities by booking an appointment.  The quality and beauty of Angelo Cappellini furniture must be experienced to be truly appreciated.

Italian design excellence.

Since 1985, Michelangelo Design has been bringing Italian furniture’s timeless elegance to professionals in the Trade. With over 20,000 unique pieces of furniture to select from, we offer Trade professionals a universe of diversity.

We don’t stop at our collection of extraordinary design houses, though.  To that diversity, we add customization, realized with a range of over 1,000 textiles, fine leathers and lustrous woods.  Your discerning clients are served with the endless possibilities we offer to create unique pieces which indulge their exquisite taste.

We embrace the full breadth of the history of Italian furniture design, offering our clients a journey through the priceless artistic treasures and the riches of Italian design history.  All our pieces are of the highest quality, crafted with the type of integrity only such a rich tradition can offer.

Your design vision and creativity have no limits, at Michelangelo.

Experience Angelo Cappellini furniture at Michelangelo Designs.

If you’re a Trade professional who hasn’t yet experienced the work of Angelo Cappellini’s world-changing hands, it’s time.  Let Michelangelo Designs share the work of hands that have transformed the world since 1886.

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship of this acclaimed Italian furniture designer at the Michelangelo Design Center.

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