Opera Furniture

opera furniture from opera contemporary
  • Founded:
  • Factory: Cabiate (CO), Italy
  • Style: Contemporary

Exclusive Opulence Born Out of the Studios of Angelo Cappellini.

Luxury is the watchword of Opera Contemporary’s line of elegant, traditionally-inspired furniture, informed by discerning modern lifestyles.  The brainchild of the famed furniture designers at Angelo Cappellini, this superlative line brings elegant spaces chic sophistication.

In the heart of Brianza’s vibrant furniture fabrication sector, Opera Contemporary epitomizes Italian furniture’s worldwide reputation for craftsmanship and quality.  Characterized by dramatic elegance without peer, Opera Contemporary graces fine homes and apartments, consular and embassy facilities and high-end hotels, all over the world.

The edge.

Opera Contemporary’s exacting standards of quality are married to a corporate dedication to logistical acumen and expertise which have allowed the brand wide latitude in establishing itself as a renowned international entity.

Opera reaches beyond mere style to be a modern powerhouse of design excellence, combined with competencies which have opened the doors of international trade to this outstanding Italian furniture brand.

The word “opera” has a wider meaning than the one most commonly connected to highly-stylized vocal heroics and the great works of Giuseppe Verdi.  The popular usage refers to work of all kinds and it’s the work of Opera furniture, both creatively and professionally, which makes it the epitome of opulence and precision-derived quality.

Uncompromising quality control.

There is no aspect of the Opera Contemporary’s exceptional craftsmanship which isn’t governed by the most stringent standards of quality.  Each material used is vigorously vetted to meet this company’s requirements for only the highest standards.

Benchmarks of quality believed to have passed into history are upheld by Opera furniture, with finely-detailed controls applied to trims and finishes, resulting in a product which elevates the art of furniture design to that of a traditional discipline.

Opera Contemporary – yours, with Michelangelo Designs.

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Join us.

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