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Italian Accent Chairs – A Guide On How To Choose The Right Fit For Your Home

italian accent chair

When scrolling through a furniture catalog we are mesmerized by the cohesive overall look of the interior design the decoration. Being able to match fabrics and patterns is truly a form of art. One furniture piece we may deem unnecessary is an accent chair. Even though it may look like just a chair an accent […]

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Angelo Cappellini, Where Tradition Meets Contemporary

Angelo Cappellini

Born in the Brianza region of northern Italy, Angelo Cappellini has become the leader of designing luxury furniture for over 130 years! Brianza, Italy is considered the district of Italian art furniture, therefore it was only a matter of time for Angelo Cappellini to find success and he did. Founded in 1886, they have created […]

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Mantellassi – Traditional Furniture Marking Its Name


Mantellassi The Mantellassi Italian furniture brand was founded in 1926 in Tuscany, Italy. The Mantellassi brand began with a vision from its founder Macario Mantellassi; his vision was to bring tradition forward, in order to integrate the evolving styles of a new century. Their philosophy is that furniture design as an expression of individuality. Mantellassi, […]

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Compar: Contemporary Designs At Your Fingertips

contemporary design furniture

The year is 2020 and we have not only entered a new decade but we have also spiraled through time in the web of fashion. Trends come and go as the years pass by, and it is the same with furniture. Furniture designs vary by what is the trending in the interior designing world. Lucky […]

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Carpanelli & Carpnanelli Contemporary: Timeless Furniture Between Two Worlds

Carpanelli dining table

Time can be captured, through the furniture we own. There are various types of interior designing styles; we have traditional, modern, contemporary etc. Yet how can we easily distinguish each style? It’s simple, according to the type of furniture used. Transitional furniture is unique due to the fact, that transitional style is the marriage between […]

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Showcasing: Sevensedie Chairs & Furniture

sevensedie chairs

Sevensedie has surely made their presence known in the furniture world. Founded in 1965 in Verona Italy and begin to produce finely crafted wooden chairs since then. Sevensedie is a family owned Italian furniture brand that has been passed down generation after generation. Even though it came from humble beginnings first by creating traditional furniture, as […]

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Silik: The Definition Of Elegant Traditional Furniture

Silik traditional elegant furniture

Silik has always proposed superior collections of period furniture. They design furniture styles from past times and bring the back to life in order to fit modern interior designing projects. All thanks to the ability of the most expert craftsmen. Each of Silik’s furniture designs are inspired from baroque down to the era of Louis […]

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Showcasing: Egoitaliano


Looking for high end, affordable and chic sofas? Michelangelo Designs is the place to be. Established in 1985, we were the first and only Italian Design Center in the USA. Among all the luxurious brands we work with, Michelangelo Designs is proud to showcase sofa designs by Egoitaliano.  Egoitaliano creates some of the top Italian […]

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Classic Italian Furniture | Works Of Art and History In Your Own Home

A Lesson In The World Of Classic Italian Furniture As part of the top furniture exports in the world, classic Italian furniture holds great importance to its country and other parts of the world, including . In Italy, the furniture is not only serves as a functional product but is treated as artwork. This is […]

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The Role of Color in Bedroom and Bedroom Furniture Designs

After the kitchen and bathroom, property owners pay a significant amount of attention to the master bedroom. After all, the master bedroom is not just a place to rest your weary head after a hard day’s work. It is also your private space inside the house. As master bedrooms become larger in size, homeowners now […]

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Key Considerations in Choosing Office Furniture Designs

A lot of offices these days are not merely designed to support operations. Many business owners now make sure that the workplace is also a venue where inspiration and vision thrive. It’s for this reason that great attention is directed toward picking the right office furniture; pieces need to be not just functional, but visually […]

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How to Incorporate New Kitchen Furniture Designs Into a Shabby Chic Home

Rachel Ashwell’s “shabby chic” style of home decorating boomed in the nineties (earning fans like Jennifer Aniston, Oprah, Marcia Cross, Britney Spears and countless others), and now — 20 years later — it continues to provide people with a limited budget the special ability to achieve a brand of prettiness that’s accepted by all classes. […]

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