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The Interior Design Guide to Italian Luxury Furniture

luxury italian furniture

Are you bored with how the interior of your home looks? Do you dislike how your furniture looks like everyone else’s? The solution is to buy some luxury Italian furniture. You’ll find that the furniture that most people buy is cheap and poorly made without much personality. Of course, if you want the interior of […]

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Types of Luxury Sofas for Your Home

luxury sofas

Your home is a place of comfort, but it’s also where you have an opportunity to showcase your personal style. Adding some luxury furniture can make any space more beautiful and appealing. The luxury furniture market is thriving, with sales expected to boom to $42.2 billion by 2023. If you’re looking for a way to lend […]

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How to Furnish a Luxurious Bedroom With Style

luxury bedroom

If you’re looking to add luxury and style to your bedroom, keep reading. Designing luxurious bedrooms can be a lot of fun with the right help and direction. You get to create a space that is all your own, and you can style it in any way you want. We’ll show you some great ways […]

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Take Your Contemporary Dining Room to the Next Level

contemporary dining room

Did you know that Americans are starting to dine in the dining room less and less? Instead, many people are going to the couch or bed to eat their dinners. You might be able to solve this problem by learning a little bit about contemporary dining room design. If your dining room feels cramped and uncomfortable, […]

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Top 10 Brands of Luxury Furniture You Need to Know

luxury furniture

Are you a high-end interior decorator or a luxury homemaker? Interested in elevating your home by being one of the select few owners of exclusive pieces? Read more to learn about the top ten brands of luxury furniture you need to know. Did you know that buying luxury brands increases your self-esteem? Owning luxury items is […]

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How to Design a Luxurious Modern Living Room: A Guide

modern living room

Many of us dream of a life of luxury and comfort. Sure, you may have stayed in a high-end hotel at some point, but having that sort of luxury in your everyday life feels out of reach. The good news is, that luxury and comfort are more attainable than they seem. If you want to […]

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Transitional Furniture Design Trends for 2022

transitional furniture

Since 3,100 BC plenty of furniture styles and decor have come and gone out of fashion. Today, we live in an era surrounded by modern furniture, some of which are not all that attractive or lavish but instead practical. Transitional furniture, on the other hand, is not only practical but also a pleasure to look […]

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Choosing an Italian-made Sofa

The living room is a favorite spot in any house for homeowners and guests alike to sit back, relax, unwind and simply rest. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s a room in the house that is primarily furnished with only the most comfortable chairs, sofas and tables where you can lounge around and spend some […]

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Baroque or Rococo Furniture?

Baroque or Rococo

Both of these furniture styles are known for their elegance and bold decor but they often get confused with one another. For those that have fallen in love with furniture pieces filled with gold, embellishments, or upholstery in silk; you probably like Baroque interior design without even knowing. Or is it rococo? Both of these […]

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Orsenigo Furniture: Where Old Meets New

Michelangelo Designs, Orsenigo furniture

When we think of furniture we automatically gravitate towards wood. Furniture in the old days was only produced with one material in mind: wood. Fast forward, to this age we can see how much furniture designs have evolved. Combining an old form of furniture making with a more futuristic and advanced technological support has become […]

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Customizing Italian Furniture

Michelangelo Designs, Customizing Italian Furniture

Customizing Italian furniture sounds expensive and time consuming but this is no longer the case. Having your furniture custom made allows the craftsmen to build the furniture according to your specifications. This allows you to decide on the color, type of materials used, finish, and design. Doesn’t this sound like any designers dream?  Even if […]

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Rozzoni: Classical meets Contemporary

Michelangelo Designs, Rozzoni classical furniture

Furniture in Italy is treated like a piece of art and rightfully so because it takes a lot of time to create such intricate designs on pieces of wood. Handmade 100% in Italy, Rozzoni produces and customizes classical and contemporary high-end Italian pieces. Rozzoni classical furniture follows an ageless and classic design therefore it never […]

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