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Design Your Home with Traditional Italian Interior Design

Traditional Interior Design for HomeAmong all of the interior designing world, traditional Italian interior design is quite popular. Traditional furniture is a major factor when designing a space with traditional interior influence. You may like traditional-style furniture and may not even know it. What exactly is traditional Interior design?

Traditional Furniture in Traditional Italian Interior Design

Traditional Italian interior design cannot be brought to life without the usage of traditional furniture. This interior designing style is actually inspired by 18th and 19th-century European decor. Thus, you can only imagine the regal look it provides gives. Traditional Italian interior design has a particular interior style that is timeless and classic. It exemplifies elegance and comfort. Traditional interior design decorating is ideal for anyone who has fallen in love with classical antique furniture and the harmonious symmetry it portrays.

Traditional furniture is known for its usage of dark woods, rich tones, and refined colors. The most popular accent colors, that complement the richness of those Dark wood, are red-brown, and green. Florals, Paisley, damask, stripes, and plaids are also some staple decor patterns that are used as well. Traditionally, interior designers tend to use hardwood floors like maple, mahogany Cherry, Merbau, and walnut.

When you think about furnishing a space with traditional Italian furniture, I think extravagant. There’s no room for minimalistic style, trust us. Traditional homes have more heavy and loud furniture pieces. Tables, sofas, and chairs will have famous claw foot details. Love seats are there but in a tufted box. Each piece of furniture is will be handcrafted by Master Artisans and trimmed with gold. Oh yes, do not forget the gold trimming! Let’s just say the traditional styling is very elegant.

Consider the Details

Every little detail counts. From candleholders vitrines, barcodes, decorative pillows, tumors, heavy curtains, and drapery. Traditional Italian interior design is far from simple. It wants to be noticed. Built-in cabinetry and crown molding on the walls scream traditional interior decor. The idea of being able to style your home like the home of a member of the royal family is possible because of traditional furniture.

In the midst of the wide variety of furniture designs that exists, traditional furniture has stood the test of time. It replicates various pieces from the Victorian era. Traditional furniture pieces grace us with their curved lines and warm and jewel-toned upholstery. Think of an arched box for your armchairs, symmetrical ornamentation, and shell designs. Traditional style decorating is perfect for you if you were not afraid to be loud.

Choose a Traditional Italian Interior Design Style for Your Home

Old world craftsmanship is an art that has been lost in many furniture manufacturers sadly no longer practice because it’s very time-consuming to create. However, despite this, they are still a few high-quality traditional furniture brands that have perfected traditional furniture. Michelangelo designs are the home of acclaimed furniture brands like Silik, Mantellassi, Bianchini, and Rozzoni. The aforementioned brands are the best manufacturers of traditional furniture in the market. Call us for an appointment at 973-779-3200 and browse our two-story showroom and begin your journey of falling in love with traditional furniture.