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Italian Bar Stools

Italian Bar StoolsWhen you are on the hunt in search of new furniture it’s always good to research into it. Don’t just buy any piece of furniture. For instance counter and bar stools, may look the same and serve the same purpose but that doesn’t mean you should just buy either-or. When chosen well, your new Italian bar stools can actually enhance your home’s décor. For this very reason, we will go methodically down the different elements of a stool, to help you decide on the design, style, material, and color set that’s ideal for you.

Then, what is the major difference between an Italian counter stool and an Italian bar stool? From a distance, they both look like tall chairs. Actually, the only real difference is height! Bar counters are actually higher than kitchen counters. The secret when buying Italian bar stools is to get your hands on the right height of the stool for the counter at which you’ll house them. 

2 Major Features of Italian Bar Stools

The two major features to search for when considering buying Italian bar stools are adjustable height and swivel capability. Having a barstool that can adjust in height is a wonderful feature because it can easily accommodate most people regardless of counter height. Thus, look at the range it can adjust to, in order to ensure it meets your needs. (Typical ranges are to 6 to 10 inches) 

The next game-changing feature is the swivel feature. An Italian bar stool that can spin its seat around may come in handy. There are some counter stools that actually have a combo of both adjustable and swivel features. 

Another feature that you will love are folding Italian bar stools. These stools are perfect for easy and compact storage. 

The Importance of Stool Design

Italian bar stool design is also an important feature when choosing a bar stool. First, let’s check the base design. Base designs like the pedestal can easily move up and down. The legs of your stool are also an important design. There are a wide variety of leg options; such as 4- legged stools, 3-legged stools, or the one-legged stool known as the pedestal. 

Apart from the base design don’t overlook the back design. There a lot, and we mean a lot- of Italian barstools’ back options. We will touch base on the most popular stool back options. 

Italian Bar Stool Backs

First, we have backless, for a more luxurious feel we have the high backrest. A low back gives you just enough back support without extra material. For more firm back support we have the option of a solid back. A mission back delivers back comfort but with a kick of style. Cross and ladder back are other forms of solid backs but with more of design and show aspect. 

Remember that there’s also an option to have arms or go armless with your counter stool. This feature is totally your preference. Your new bar stool like any other piece of furniture comes in many styles. Choose from modern to a traditional, mid-century, saddle, and contemporary. Always purchase an item that correlates with your interior aesthetic. 

Italian Bar Stools’ Materials

The seat material is another detail worth researching. Pick from leatherback stools to leather backless stools, or microfiber, plastic, or acrylic. As you can see the options are endless. Therefore before investing in a barstool or counter stool remember the following: measure the table your height of the new barstool will live in. Depending on the aesthetic you are going for deciding the style, then the stool design, what style of legs appeal to your space, and finally decide all of the features you want this barstool to have. Overall, shopping for furniture should not be stressful rather it should connect with you and your home.