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The Different Types Of Dressers

different types of dressersAmong all of the furniture pieces a bed group consists of, there is a piece that we neglect or overlook. We are talking about the dresser. There are different types of  dressers and chest drawers. A new Italian dresser can be just as much of a centerpiece than an obvious mute piece of furniture. Who said only interior designers know the language of furniture? Learning the basics of the different types of dressers is the first step in finding your perfect Italian dresser.

The largest aspect of any dresser is in the design. The design gives you the shape, function, and the overall final results of your new dresser. Then, we will look at the various materials they are made from and finally, we will learn about the different styles they come in.

Types Of Dressers

First things first, let’s understand what a dresser really is. A dresser is a short wide piece of furniture with multiple drawers and two or more columns. In contrast, a chest of drawers is a tall, narrow piece of furniture with multiple drawers. The most popular design is the standard horizontal dresser. This dresser is horizontal with a squat like profile, and usually has two columns of drawers.

This dresser is horizontal oriented; it has a squat-like profile and usually has two columns of drawers. The next popular design is the vertical trust chart which is much taller and boasts a double stack of jars in addition to the drawers at the bottom. Third, we have the gentleman chest dresser which is a combination of a jar column with a larger vertical cabinet door for extra storage. Finally, we have the semainier dresser chest. The semainier has seven drawers, it is tall, and long, with deep and narrow drawers.

Dresser Material

As you can see, there are quite a few options to choose from, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Dressers are commonly made from wood alone, but you do have the options to choose from metal, rattan, and leather. Though these materials are not commonly used for this specific piece of furniture, you can actually have a combination of these in order to match your aesthetic.

Dresser Styles

Dresser styles come in both traditional and modern designs. Traditional designs always have a timeless and very detailed look. A contemporary design has no predefined style because it’s actually based upon what is in style now. Cottage and rustic styles have more of a warm and natural wood tone in appearance. In contrast, modern designs have clean lines allowing your dresser to look sleek and futuristic.

Adjusters are an essential piece of furniture that should not be overlooked. Bring in freshness and extra storage space to your bedroom with the dresser of your dreams. Invest in a high-quality one of a kind dresser to fit your needs and your existing home decor.