Bedroom Design Trends: Creating an Elegant and Serene Space to Sleep

bedroom designStudies have shown that people simply sleep more soundly when their room is optimized for temperature, noise and light levels, and all-around comfort. On top of that, your sleep quality is directly linked to other aspects of your health, like stress levels.

So, what bedroom design trends can help you get the best night’s sleep? How can you go about finding something that fits your design tastes while not overwhelming the space? Luckily, we’re here to help.

Read on to learn a few of the best tips for the perfect bedroom design.

Keep It Clean

Our first design tip isn’t a design tip, but it’s still relevant. When your bedroom is cluttered, it’s easy for everything else to feel overwhelming. Decluttering and then working to keep it clean is essential when you’re designing a bedroom.

Making your bed and keeping dirty laundry off the floor may sound simple, but that’s a lot for some people. Making the effort to carry through on those actions daily, though, can make a bigger impact than you might think. Aside from helping you stress less, you’re working on daily healthy habits.

Once you’ve established habits here, it’s going to feel less overwhelming to create systems in other parts of your life.

Consider Your Bedding

It’s also important to keep your bedding clean at all times. Washing your bedsheets once a week is optimal, but even running your pillowcase in the dryer for 10 minutes can make a huge difference. It’ll freshen things up for bedtime, and those with allergies won’t suffer nearly as much.

If you’d like to freshen things up on a budget, walking around your house and switching things around can make a huge difference as well. Whether it’s the throw pillows on the couch or blankets from your guest room, making small switches like that is a great way to give your space a lift without breaking the bank.

Calm Color Palette

You might prefer warmer tones over cool ones, but they’re actually perfect for your bedroom. Shades of lilac, blue, and gray have a calming effect and work to promote rest. Warm tones often feel energizing and are a lot more likely to keep you awake at night.

Choosing varying shades of beige, blue, gray, and purple even adding in accents of gold can bring a lot of life into your space without overwhelming everything.

Minimal Decor

Your eyes might be closed when you’re asleep, but having too many distractions can still exhaust you. If you can keep electronics out of your bedroom then you should, but clearing as many distractions as possible will also work.

Making design choices that feel calm and inviting rather than bold ones that excite you is a wise choice here. They can help your space stay relaxing no matter the time of day.

Make Your Bedroom Design More Luxurious

The bed is the most crucial component of any bedroom. When you take the time to make it feel more luxurious and cozy, you’re going to notice the difference immediately.

Better sheets, fluffier pillows, or even a thicker comforter can help elevate your sleeping experience. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, though, just as long as you do.

The best part about doing this, though, is that you get to pick whatever you think is the comfiest. If that means investing in new furniture for you, then you should, by all means, go for it. Switching your bed frame (and even your mattress) is possibly the best way to elevate your sleeping experience — especially if it hasn’t been done in a long time.

Adjustable Lighting

Bedside lighting is really important. Soft, soothing lighting is ideal, but with adjustable lighting, you can have whatever you want. Having your bedside lamp on a dimmer is a great idea, but you can also opt for adjustable lightbulbs.

Whatever you decide, as long as you can regulate the amount of light your fixture emits, you’re golden.

When you’re choosing a fixture, think about opting for a sconce. They’re perfect for freeing up space on your nightstand, and they can be adjusted for reading at night. They’re also a great addition to anything else you have hanging around your room.

Serene Art

Another important component of a relaxing environment is choosing art that’s calm and even sleep-inducing. It’s also smart to keep the art in your bedroom to a minimum so you can decrease distractions.

Pick a Proper Bedside Table

Even if you have a lamp sitting on it, having a proper bedside table is essential. It’s going to help you get everything set up so you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night. You’ll have everything you need within arm’s reach.

This can include things like a noise machine, charger, water, an eye mask, chapstick, a book, or anything else you might need once you’re in bed for the night. To make things feel even cozier, place your slippers wherever you crawl out of bed in the morning. You’ll have something soft to step on first thing, and your feet also won’t be as cold.

Ready to Perfect Your Bedroom Design?

The choices you make for your bedroom matter. Whether you want minimal design or something bright and enjoyable, it’s important that you feel safe and relaxed whenever you walk in. Your room is your sanctuary, and the design choices you make should directly reflect that.

If you’re ready to get started with your bedroom design, contact us to book an appointment and walk around the showroom today.


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