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Contemporary Italian Furniture Trends for 2022

contemporary furnitureItaly has such an amazing history in design, that it is no surprise that it is still the reference point in the design industry whether it’s couture, luxury bags, and especially the furniture department. In the interior designing world, changes are inevitable since trends come and go. However, Italian furniture designers are not new to this concept, so they create new high-quality trendy pieces to stay on the market.

There are many contemporary furniture trends that are making a buzz in the design industry.

The unique artistic trends in Italian furniture are loved all over the world. To understand contemporary furniture style trends, first, let’s discuss what contemporary design means. Contemporary design is literally a mixture of key elements from other styles, borrowing characteristics from modernism, postmodernism, art décor, and futurism. It is a more versatile and dynamic style that also blends various materials such as wood and steel, with gold and silver finishes. Therefore, now that we have an idea of what contemporary style design is let’s dive into understanding the top contemporary Italian furniture design trends.

Since furniture plays such an important role in interior design as any other room element, here are the main concepts within the 2022 furniture trends. The usage of eco-friendly materials, celebrating natural beauty, using neutral colors, simplicity, functionality, and eclectic combinations are what is trending in today’s homes. The environmental issues the world is undergoing influence our perspective regarding various aspects and interior design is not an exception.

Some contemporary furniture is being made with sustainability in mind.

New designers are creating amazing work using timber species, that serve as a great alternative to the usual wood. 2020 brought many people back into their homes which allowed many people to question the functionality of their furniture. Therefore, another trend this year is that of functionality. From sofa beds to secret bookcases, and conventional storage, our luxurious Italian furniture brands are creating functional furniture for the minimalistic lover.

Another furniture trend that is getting all the hype is integrated spaces. Separated kitchen, living room, and dining areas are no longer that popular. All you see via Instagram, or Pinterest is the open concept in houses which allows homeowners to combine their spaces to be more functional. Selecting your furniture of choice, and allowing different pieces to flow together, is the best way to describe this style.

The 2022 furniture trends include various concepts, that bring together the old and new.

The number one material that many Italian furniture brands are a big fan of is a marble. Even though marble has always been popular among designers, this year it is not an exception. This material brings elegance to any space. It was previously used more in the kitchen area, however now, marble is applied to the furniture of different types (coffee tables, dining tables, etc.) Though we dipped our toes on some of the most popular trends this year, we can find a little bit of everything here at Michelangelo Designs. Browse, our showroom and allow our high-end Italian furniture to help you decide on how you’ll like to furnish your home. Contact us today!