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Buying An Italian Office Chair | A Brief Guide

italian office chairItalian Office Chair Considerations

Having a comfortable office chair to sit on while at work is the icing on the cake when you’re at the office. Needless to say that working in any sort of office environment you’re probably spending most of your time sitting down. Thus, why it’s important to invest in a high-quality Italian office chair. Investing in a high-quality office chair allows you to work more efficiently and also allows you to minimize your back pain.

They are for whether you are working in a corporate environment or at home, you owe you’re back the support that it needs. That is why when buying an Italian office chair, you should consider the following: material, lumbar support, we capacity, casters, size, style, features like breath ability, armrests, and we reclining options. As you can see, there are a wide variety of factors to take into consideration.

Office Chair Materials

Material and lumbar support are crucial factors because both decide to overall style of your office chair. The material that is used in an Italian office chair frame affects its performance. The most common materials in which Italian office chairs are made include leather, vinyl, and nylon, plastic or wood. Leather office chairs give a soft and cool look, and it is the most durable of materials. For a more lightweight and breathable look choose between vinyl and nylon as an option. Whereas plastic is more commonly used as lobby seating for waiting rooms.

Lumbar Support & Weight Capacity

Lumbar support and weight capacity play an important role together that we shouldn’t overlook when buying an Italian office chair. Experiencing musculoskeletal disorders often come from office workers not from labors jobs. Therefore, because office workers are susceptible to lower back pains it is super important to choose an office chair with lumbar support. Lumbar support is having that extra cushioning around the bottom back rest of your chair. Alleviating you’re back from the stress of work while supporting everything else sounds like the perfect formula.

Weight capacity is another factor to research into. This is important because you’ll be sitting on the desk chair for a vast majority of your time. It is important to understand that all office chairs have weight capacity, so follow the maximum weight range not only for safety but for durability purposes as well. The last thing you want is to break your new Italian office chair.

Other Office Chair Features

Not all Italian office chairs are created the same. Some office chairs have casters, which are wheels mounted on the legs of the chairs that allow you to roll freely. This also plays a major factor in the size of your office chair. Always measure the space where you will have your office chair living in.

You may want one or all features to be added to your office chair features you may want to consider a mesh back for a more breathable back rest. Another feature it would be the option of having armrests or not for maximum comfort ability and let’s not forget the option of having a reclining office chair.


All in all before buying an office chair for your home or for your office at work, it’s not just a chair. And office chair should be an investment that will allow you to work with pleasure and ease for many years to come.