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Orsenigo Furniture: Where Old Meets New

Michelangelo Designs, Orsenigo furniture

When we think of furniture we automatically gravitate towards wood. Furniture in the old days was only produced with one material in mind: wood. Fast forward, to this age we can see how much furniture designs have evolved. Combining an old form of furniture making with a more futuristic and advanced technological support has become the perfect formula for new furniture design. Orsenigo is the epitome of how a furniture brand combines raw materials which produces the highest possible quality Italian furniture. 

The Orsenigo Italian furniture brand was founded in 1960 by Fratelli Orsenigo. Its vision was to create an entire new category of eclectic Italian furniture.  This Italian furniture house focuses on bringing to life classic and contemporary furniture designs. Their main attention is in creating metal furniture. They learned to combine metal with glass, hide leather, Italian leather, and wood. Orsenigo is the perfect Italian furniture brand for those that look for classic furniture designs with a hint of contemporary. 

With over 50 years of experience, Orsenigo has had the time to research on how to enhance the details on their furniture. The usage of raw materials is beyond anything you’ve ever seen. Their clean and sophisticated cuts on their contemporary lines are beautiful. Orsenigo specifically produces, dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, lounge chairs, bookcases, t.v holders, mirrors and consoles. 

Orsenigo is well known for their extendable dining table named; Bull. Their bull table has a steel frame and comes in finishes of raw metal, lacquered anthracite, and aluminum. The top may come in either ceramic or marble ceramic upon request. This dining table radiates newness and completes any room with its elegance. All of their contemporary designs are sleek and fresh looking into the future. 

Their classic line also brings a renewed look to the old classic rectangular and square classical table. In this particular line, their coffee tables, end tables, and trolleys all have a metal frame, galvanic finishes, brass finishes, clear glass beveled, and or clear glass bottom countertop with a smooth edge. Overall, both of Orsenigo’s collections whether its classic or contemporary designs are created with the top high-quality materials Italian furniture is wildly known for. 

Furniture is another form to express our personalities. Orsenigo has been able to beautifully blend well-known classical designs with raw materials. It produces high-end Italian furniture for the modern house or office. Their furniture designs are easy to complement and finish a room’s vibe. While their contemporary designs really look into what the future of furniture will become. 

Luxurious Italian furniture brands like Orsenigo, have one common denominator; Michelangelo Designs. Michelangelo Designs has become the most sought-after place for interior designers. We house only the greatest of Italian furniture in our warehouse. Among all of Italy’s furniture brands, Michelangelo Designs proudly displays Orsenigo’s furniture. Because of their simple yet sophisticated furniture designs it has become a favorite among the top designers in the East coast. Orsenigo is not afraid to go above and beyond the normal box of what furniture “should look like” but what furniture “will become”.