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Italian Console Tables

italian console tablesWhen entering a home the entry way is what your guests will see first and as far as first impression go, you’ll want to have a beautiful console table as your statement piece. A console table is intended to be used in the hallway, or the living room and matching it to a mirror can actually make a room feel more spacious. Like any other furniture piece, Italian console tables come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, height and materials.

Italian Console Table Considerations

So the next question is how can you decide which Italian console table to purchase for your home today we will discuss a few fundamental tips to help guide you towards the best direction. First things first, decide the spot where you’re planning on placing your console table and take measurements, whether you’re planning to place it against a wall or behind a couch this step is crucial.

Italian Console Table Styles

Due to the fact that console tables come in various styles, you should choose it accordingly to what interior designing vision you have in mind. Choosing a style is important because it can either blend or stand out with your existing furniture. Italian console table styles include traditional, transitional contemporary, modern, and eclectic.

Understanding all these styles will allow you to pick the perfect console table. For example traditional furniture is made from wood and is inspired from historical periods that bring good wood carvings and fold trimming. Think elegant and extravagant. Whereas transitional contemporary and modern styles all feet from each other giving birth to classical lines rounded corners and overall cleaner finishes respectively.


Italian console tables are a functional piece of furniture because they can be used for easy storage and to hold even the smallest of things like your keys. The table top is a very important choice to make as well. They range from wood, metal, glass, or granite. Each table top have their own uniqueness. Wood for instance is by far the most durable, alongside the middle console tables are a functional piece of furniture because they can be used for easy storage and to hold even the smallest of everyday things.

Besides aesthetic reasons functionality should also play a role in your decision making. Choose a console table than that only matches your interior decor but also your lifestyle. Will you simply use this console table to showcase a vase or will you use it store your essential out the door items like your keys, phone, and wallet?

The top Italian console tables fall in the following categories of storage, wine and convertible. The storage console table is self-explanatory but nevertheless is the ultimate space saver and looks great. Wine consoles are a more sophisticated take on the bar carts concepts. And finally we have the convertible console table which to your dismay can convert into a full dining table.

Overall, there is an Italian console table for every interior décor style. Keep in mind, regardless of what you decide to get, remember the following: style, design and material.