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Carpanelli & Carpnanelli Contemporary: Timeless Furniture Between Two Worlds

Carpanelli dining tableTime can be captured, through the furniture we own. There are various types of interior designing styles; we have traditional, modern, contemporary etc. Yet how can we easily distinguish each style? It’s simple, according to the type of furniture used. Transitional furniture is unique due to the fact, that transitional style is the marriage between two worlds; the traditional and contemporary world. Michelangelo Designs hosts Carpanelli furniture which is the prime example of transitional furniture.

Carpanelli is a family owned company that was founded in Italy by Giuseppe Carpanelli in 1919 and has made its way to the western hemisphere here, at Michelangelo Designs. Michelangelo Designs exhibits Carpanelli’s work for its high-end Italian quality and stunning craftwork. It has its roots in the art of woodworking and high-end cabinet – making. Carpanelli is among the many brands that freely create transitional pieces. This is why, Carpanelli has become one of the most recognized and appreciated furniture company among Italian classical furniture.

One of the main reasons that Carpanelli surpasses any other regular furniture manufacturer is because of their exquisite craftsmanship. Carpanelli mixes different species and tones of wood to bring their furniture to life. Each piece is beautifully hand crafted by their Italian wood experts. Their luxurious Italian furniture comes in various forms. They can range from woods, marble, leather, fabrics and lacquered woods. Their pieces are made with hand selected materials such as exotic essences like; detailed mother-of-pearl, stones and precious metals.

The art of inlay is considered a thing of the past, and not many manufacturers dare to practice this art anymore, because it takes a lifetime to master. However Carpanelli has been mastering this art for 3 generations which means for 100 years! So if there is anyone that may guide you on your next transitional furniture shopping spree, it’ll have to be Carpanelli.

Transitional furniture is the perfect interior designing style if you like to hold on to the past, by choosing traditional styles but borrowing colors and styles from the contemporary world. Carpanelli is very innovative due to the fact that they have even launched Carpanelli Contemporary specifically dedicated to the more modern style clientele.

Carpanelli Contemporary is self-explanatory but we must add that it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Carpanelli really brings forward the tradition of furniture inlay by marrying sleek simplicity with their exquisite craftsmanship. They have changed the definition of contemporary furniture with its modern designs. Carpanelli and Carpanelli contemporary are the perfect example of keeping up with the trends our 21st century craves for, without forgetting tradition.

Both versions of Carpanelli boast beautiful bedroom sets, breathtaking bookcases and vitrines, their motto is “Beautiful and Well made”. Truly, their work transcends the interior designing world for years to come. The 100 years of experience no other manufacturer can take away therefore it guarantees the high-end quality and professionalism all customers seek.

Michelangelo Designs is home for Carpanelli and Carpanelli Contemporary furniture. Their work is displayed in our showroom and it is always a favorite among designers. Whether you are searching for traditional, transitional, classical or contemporary furniture, Michelangelo Designs has it all. Come and witness the extraordinary Italian craftsmanship Carpanelli offers inside their furniture pieces.