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Della Rovere: Office Furniture Royalty

della rovere office furnitureIn the world of office and contract workspace furniture, we do not comprehend the thoughtful process and challenges an interior decorator may face. The reason why we may overlook office equipment is because we honestly have no idea who is the one responsible for designing such furniture.

I’m sure you have sat on some uncomfortable waiting area lobby chairs or have an awkward generic work desk. None the less there is an Italian furniture manufacturer that has been recognized as the best in the market in designing office furniture, like desks, office chairs and lobby chairs; that is Della Rovere.

Della Rovere Office Furniture

Della Rovere believes one should enjoy the space one works in and Michelangelo Designs could not agree more! Della Rovere has been creating office furniture that is made 100% in Italy since 1992. It has become an international well known office furniture manufacture around the world.

As part of the working class, we understand that we spend a majority of our time in the work place and Della Rovere understands that. For this very reason, it is why they dedicate so much time during the designing process. Della Rovere brings to life corporate furniture such as receptions desks, office seating, presidential office furniture and conference tables.

In addition, this Italian furniture brand is the “it” brand among interior designers because they have a long history working with architects that specialize in office furniture and interior designing. Michelangelo Designs proudly displays Della Rovere’s work for contractors across the nation.

Their number one top selling office desk is the Zero design office desk.  This office desk has a free standing body molded in thermosetting resins and reinforced with fiberglass. Their office desk can be custom made in various colors such as; glossy or embossed matt paints like: cloud white, shy pink, stormy black, and even in metallic colors. Who said that corporate furniture had to be so dreary?

Office Chairs

Now let’s talk about office chairs. Just thinking about our office chair, May even hurt our backs, but that is because you have not been able sit down on a Della Rovere Executive office chair. Della Rovere categorizes their executive office chairs into five branches; presidential, executive, work, waiting and classic. All of their office chairs have soft staves, all come in adjustable positions, and the options to be fixed or moveable, they are all ergonomic and none the less come in shocking color variations.

Conference Tables

Conference tables are also an expertise of Della Rovere. Their top best-selling meeting table is from their Larus collection. The Larus conference table is one of the many meeting tables that can be custom designed just for you. From the materials, dimensions, and legs, they can all modeled around your company’s needs. Della Rovere fulfills your corporate dreams with their futuristic, classic, essential and functional designs. They are to compose a specific model in order to meet any space and these office meeting tables can also come in various colors and finishes.

Decorating an office space with office furniture requires a vision for the future, and the consideration for comfortability of the employees. The functionality of an office desk should always be designed with the consumer in mind, and that is exactly what Della Rovere does. Italian furniture is considered to be the best of the best in the world of furniture design. Thus, that is what motives Della Rovere to do what they do best, which is to create exquisite designs of office desks, office chairs, lobby seating and conference tables.

Della Rovere At Michelangelo Designs

Michelangelo Designs is the home of the best luxury Italian furniture brands. There is no doubt why Della Rovere showcases their work in Michelangelo Designs furniture showroom. Therefore, whether you are a corporation in need to furnish a building or if you are simply in search to invest in quality Italian furniture for an office space for your home, Della Rovere is the high-end Italian brand you’ll want to collect pieces from.