Carpanelli Contemporary

carpanelli contemporary

Founded: 1919
Factory: Desio, Italy
Styles: Transitional/Contemporary (Art Deco, Contemporary, Classic)

Tradition meets sleek, contemporary sophistication with Carpanelli Contemporary.

Almost 100 years of tradition and painstaking craftsmanship aren’t to be taken lightly.  That’s why Carpanelli Contemporary brings forward its parent company’s dedication to excellence in its luxuriously detailed line of modern furniture.

Oscar Niemeyer once wrote that he wasn’t attracted to the straight lines of manmade objects, but rather “…the curved line, free and sensual”.  This is the starting point for Carpanelli Contemporary’s deft employment of the natural world’s curvaceous, sinuous forms.

It’s in that spirit that the philosophy of Carpanelli Contemporary is found.  By animating furniture design with nature’s sensuality, furniture becomes something more.  It becomes an expression of living well and in tune with all that makes life a spectacular adventure.

Rooted in nearly a century of tradition, Carpanelli’s sleek modern furniture stylings create an entirely new sensibility.  Voluptuous, yet subdued.  Innovative, yet functional.  Carpanelli Contemporary graces the modern interior with a whisper of classicism, a hint of Art Deco elegance and the timeless sophistication of Italy, itself.

The cure for the common.

With the first and only Italian Design Center in the United States of America, Michelangelo brings to our shores the sophistication of Italian furniture.

Assembling collections from Italy’s premier furniture design houses, we offer Trade professionals a cure for the common at our expansive showroom and warehouse facilities.  Here, professionals in the Trade will find a creative playground, selecting from a dozen of Italy’s most renowned furniture brands.

Interior designers, retailers, real estate developers and architects come to Michelangelo with a vision informed by client demand.  Alongside our exclusive selection of luxurious Italian furniture, they’ll find 1,000 textile selections, lustrous leathers and rich woods.

Creative imaginations come out to play at Michelangelo, where the possibilities for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces are limitless.  Because we work 100% with the Trade, offering 100% Italian furniture, our clients know they’ll always find what their clients are looking for at Michelangelo Designs.

The contemporary tradition of Carpanelli.

Bringing forward the tradition of furniture inlay is no easy feat, but Carpanelli achieves this in its line of modern furniture, marrying sleek simplicity with extraordinary craftsmanship.

The echoes of Art Deco are felt as much as seen in Carpanelli Contemporary’s sophisticated re-visioning of this style in modern pieces which transcend time.  From it’s marquetry cabinets, crafted of the finest woods, to the curvaceous simplicity of modern bedroom sets that whisper of an elegant past, Carpanelli brings your interiors the craftsmanship of days gone by, translated to a modern age.

Michelangelo Designs invites Trade professionals to schedule an appointment.  Come to experience the magic of Carpanelli Contemporary and a premier selection of Italy’s most acclaimed furniture designers.

Discover the cure for the common and a source of endless design flexibility to elevate your vision.

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