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Office Space: Types of Italian Desks

Italian Office DeskA desk is a staple piece required for any office space. It is where your computer lives, where you file away your documents, and if you’re an executive of some sort, it is the place where you make life-changing decisions. Thus, we cannot stress enough, the importance of choosing the right type of Italian designer desks for your needs; our office space is a home away from home, so having a functional and versatile office desk is crucial. 

Whether you are one of the lucky people that have the opportunity to work from home and find yourself designing a home office, or if you simply need to revamp the desks at the corporate office, the options for Italian desks may be overwhelming because there are a lot of styles to choose from. For this reason, is why it’s important to have a solid understanding of the different types of office desks on the market. 

Types of Italian Desks

DellaRovere Italian Desks

Michelangelo Designs has partnered up with Italian desks’ brands like DellaRovere who specializes in creating office furniture like Italian desks, and Italian office chairs. DellaRovere is a well-known brand among corporate officiators in the furniture world. It not only executes well-thought-out office furniture layouts but also uses the best eco-friendly materials. Today, we will have a quick run-through of the most common types of office desks there are. 

L & U-Shaped Office Desks

For the corporate spaces that have large offices, executive Italian desks will fit like a glove. Executive desks are equipped with file and box drawers in order to help you file paperwork and supplies. These desks also come in various executive L-desk shape or U-desk shape if you happen to want more space.  Dellarovere’s desk Larus is the ultimate executive desk. It’s designed to be able to mix into more than 200 layout combinations. 

If you are working from home, it is important to be able to have clean space to work from. That is why computer desks are designed to be more watered-down versions of the executive desk and perfect for homes because they are small.  Computer desks include a working surface for a desktop computer and filing drawers. Basically, it is a simple yet functional design of an executive Italian desk. 

Now to get to the nitty-gritty we have L-Shaped office Italian desks and U-shaped office desks. L-shaped desks come in two parts. The workstation portion is larger than the return part which is skinner in order to be used for additional workspace. These desks are an awesome choice for anyone that is pleating for more workspace. U-shaped office desks are very similar to L-shaped office desks but instead of two parts, they come in three work surfaces. These Italian desks are designed with a maximum capacity of storage and workspace. 

Laptop and Writing Italian Desks

For the more minimalistic type, we have the laptop and writing desk. These Italian desks are clean, sleek, and have spacious work surfaces. The minimal storage it has is a keyboard tray under the center. Corner desks are also pretty minimalistic and are meant to be used in the corner of a room for maximum space of a room.  We shouldn’t forget also that the material used for these desks also plays a huge role when choosing. Office desks come in laminate, wood veneer, solid wood, metal, and glass. The possibilities are endless. 

Shop for Italian Desks with Michelangelo Designs

Thus, whatever vision you may have in mind for your home office or corporate space. Dellarovere, at Michelangelo Designs has it all. Why not splurge and shop for high-end Italian desks? After all, you’ll be spending the majority of your time there anyway