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Transitional Dining Room Ideas That You’ll Love

Transitional Dining RoomThe dining room is a place where family and friends are meant to gather to share in quality time. Transitional dining room sets blend modern details with traditional elements in an innovative way, that allows the room to feel warm and welcoming, which is perfect for hosting. Styling your dining room in a transitional way is timeless and easy to do. Because transitional furniture is not only practical but also pleasurable to look at, picking a dining room set for any home has become much easier for both interior designers and DIY interior decorators.

The transitional furniture style is exclusive because it is neither old-fashioned nor modern, rather it is a beautiful mixture of both. You might think that blending old with the new will look overall crazy, however that is not the case; transitional furniture designs can be elegant and complement every home, no matter the aesthetic.

Top Transitional Dining Room Sets

This brings us to Michelangelo Designs top transitional dining room sets. Here, at Michelangelo Designs we have a variety of transitional dining room pieces, you will love. From dining tables to dining chairs, and armchairs to dining buffets and even mirrors, we have it all.

Our first transitional dining room set is designed by Scappini. Scappini is the perfect Italian furniture brand to help you in your journey of deciding to pick transitional furniture.  They create not only traditional furniture but have been designing transitional furniture as well by high demand. A perfect example of their understanding of blending traditional with modern elements is article 3765 which is a dining table with a beige Corallo marble top, and its pedestal is upholstered with eco-leather. This dining table can be paired with armchairs and chairs to match.

Another great Italian furniture brand you can trust is Sevensedie. Sevensedie has a never-ending list of transitional chairs and tables. Their Giulia barstool was featured at the 2022 BDNY show and can be a great addition to your bar, this chair also comes in regular counter stool and armchair sizes.

Other Transitional Dining Room Pieces

Transitional dining room pieces such as armchairs, buffets, and dining tables are staple pieces MIDJ offers not only for residential homes but for commercial residencies as well. MIDJ creates interesting chairs and tables that for sure would light up any home. Browse our MIDJ products under the dining room section and be mesmerized by their creativity and versatile furniture. Their Guappa barstools are highly praised by a variety of interior decorators.

Compar is another Italian furniture brand that carries contemporary and transitional pieces that will give your home the wow factor. Many of our clients love their Dama buffet. This buffet is perfect to help hide your silverware but a more modern and sleek way.  Compar also produces some of the best extensible dining room tables on the market. So, if you are a minimalist, Compar’s furniture is right up your alley.

Rozzoni is another brand that we house, and they cater to the more traditional aspect of furniture design but with a hint of contemporary spice. One of their most unique pieces that so many of our client’s love is the Alpha console. This amazing console can be used either in the entryway of your home or in the dining area.

All the aforementioned items can be used in various ways around your home. Call and book your appointment to tour our two-story warehouse with a great variety in transitional dining room furniture. Contact us today and schedule an appointment, truly we are an interior designer’s dream come true.