Scappini Furniture

scappini furniture
  • Founded: 1980
  • Factory: Verona, Italy
  • Style: Traditional and Classic

A gift from Verona to the world of design – Scappini & C.

The setting of the romantic tale of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Verona is also the birthplace of the internationally-acclaimed furniture brand, Scappini & C.  Founded in 1980 by Giovanni Scappini, today the family tradition of uncompromising quality, design excellence and exceptional craftmanship is carried on by Giovanni’s children.

Verona has long been famed as a center for the production of exceptional quality furniture.  Famous for its detailed, labor-intensive techniques, its artisans have been sought out by Scappini & C. Classic Furniture to recreate the ornate, skillfully carved work this design house is well-known for.

The luxury of Scappini’s classic stylings help to create stunning interiors which stand as timeless evocations of a graceful past.  Lovingly realized with an eye to superior quality and workmanship, Scappini furniture is a gift from Verona to the world of design.

Michelangelo Designs – curing the common.

For over three decades, Michelangelo Designs has been bringing the Italian cure for the common to the shores of the USA.  With the first and only Italian Design Center in the United States, we bring together 12 of most prestigious Italian furniture design houses under one roof.

At our warehouse and storeroom, professionals in the Trade will discover the full sweep of Italy’s epochs of design.  Sophisticated and luxurious, these are the most sought after Italian brands. From the classical stylings of Scappini furniture to sleek, contemporary furnishings, we bring 100% Italian designed and manufactured furniture to Trade professionals.

Architects, retailers, interior designers and real estate developers will find inspiration at Michelangelo Designs.  Starting with the eternal appeal of Italy’s premier design houses, we push your creativity further.

Offering 1,000 fabric selections, including fine leathers and woods, we support Trade professionals with a cure for the common and an almost endless array of possibilities.  We make the dreams of your discerning clients reality by offering a diversity of creative potential not found anywhere else.

Scappini Furniture – Handcrafted in Italy.

There is no nation in the world more widely-acclaimed for its artisans than Italy.  Since the days of the Roman Empire, no single nation has given more to the world of furniture design.

Scappini & C. is just the beginning at the Italian Design Center.  With our Italian furniture collections assembled under one roof, Trade professionals let their creativity out to play, without reserve.

We provide the creative edge all Trade pros seek.  Combining the sophistication of Italian craftsmanship with unstinting quality and endless possibilities, we bring you the inspiration that fires your imagination.

Michelangelo Designs invites professionals in the Trade to contact us for an appointment.  When you’re seeking a cure for the common, you’ll find it at our visionary facility, where all is possible.

Be empowered.  Find your inspiration at Michelangelo Designs with the very best of Italy.

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