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Rozzoni: Classical meets Contemporary

Michelangelo Designs, Rozzoni classical furnitureFurniture in Italy is treated like a piece of art and rightfully so because it takes a lot of time to create such intricate designs on pieces of wood. Handmade 100% in Italy, Rozzoni produces and customizes classical and contemporary high-end Italian pieces. Rozzoni classical furniture follows an ageless and classic design therefore it never goes out of fashion. Whereas contemporary furniture is more of what’s in style with cleaner lines and cuts. Rozzoni has been able to create a well-rounded marriage between these two designing worlds. 

Founded in 1959 by Cesarino Rozzoni in Italy, Rozzoni has become one of the most acclaimed luxurious high-end Italian furniture brands on the market. It has been able to marry lost forms of art such as; baroque, neoclassical, empire and art deco designs with modern production technologies. This method allows such intricate pieces of Italian furniture to be produced faster but still be able to deliver delicate and one-of-a-kind designs. 

Rozzoni takes pride in all of their work and their passion for furniture is exposed from the beginning of their design layouts to even the choice of material. This Italian brand only gives their customers the best of materials. The spectrum of fabrics are endless; from leathers, precious stones, marble, metals, glass, plaster, lacquer, and even gold leaf trimming. No other Italian manufacturer has this much experience working with such a diverse amount of materials under their belt. 

Rozzoni classical furniture follows an ageless and classic design therefore it never goes out of fashion.

The execution of all of Rozzoni’s furniture designs reflect the mastery of carpentry, lacquers, complex wood carvings, and their secret weapon; endless archive of technical layouts. So as you see, Rozzoni has much experience in bringing classical furniture to life and also creating new and exotic contemporary furniture designs. They boast a total of 17 catalogues! All having their own themes under their respective classic or contemporary categories. Thus, there is much Rozzoni has to offer when it comes to the variety of furniture they create. 

In both classic and contemporary, Rozzoni creates sideboards, consoles, tables, desks, chairs, sofas, armchairs, living room furniture etc. literally any piece of furniture you can dream of they can make it. Due to their elaborate designs Rozzoni is a favorite brand around the world. They have had the honor of furnishing presidential palaces, hotels, and luxury apartments across the global village. 

Rozzoni is the embodiment of the past and future of Italian furniture. They have built an empire in such a short amount of time with hundreds of different finishes and styles to choose from. There is no doubt why, Rozzoni has earned its place alongside other Italian furniture brands here at Michelangelo Designs. 

Michelangelo Designs is the dwelling place for only the best of Italian furniture. Rozzoni is displayed right in the center of it all. Interior designers have had a hard time deciding which style to take home because they are all so breathtakingly stunning. High-end Italian furniture is known for their durability and quality of materials. Rozzoni delivers and exceeds all of your expectations of what furniture is and elevates it to a stronger level.  For a wide selection of Rozzoni classical furniture, contact Michelangelo Designs today.