• Founded: 1965
  • Factory: Cerea, Verona, Italy
  • Styles:  Classic

Where Craftsmanship Meets Technology, Personality Is Born.

SevenSedie’s founder, Diego Piva, opened a small workshop in Verona, in 1965.  From here, he created finely-crafted wooden chairs (“sedie”, in Italian).  He gained local acclaim, garnering projects which provoked the expansion of his humble woodworking business.

As the company grew, Diego brought investors on board so he could continue expanding and prospering.  There were seven original investors, thus the name – Sevensedie.  Today Diego’s humble workshop is an Italian furniture brand of renown, operated by his three sons, Massimo, Federico and Luca.

With this new generation of Pivas comes innovation and this trio of Veronese gentlemen have embraced that vital quality as the way forward for Sevensedie.  Rooted in traditional, artisan values, Sevensedie is propelled into the future by innovation and technology.

Personality, people and planet.

Sevensedie’s philosophy of doing business recognizes the value of furniture with a distinct personality which serves as a touchpoint for Italian style.  But it also upholds the central value of people as the engine of the company’s success.

Precision, quality and craftsmanship unite at Sevensedie, supported by a nimble, flexible style of management which ensures that the people behind the technology enabling rapid delivery and efficient production, are the keepers of the Piva family flame – craftsmanship that lasts.

Sevensedie is also committed to returning to the earth the riches it consumes in the production of its exemplary furniture line.  Working exclusively with providers whose institutional mission mandates reforestation, Sevensedie knows that without trees, there is no wood furniture.

Its production facility is powered by renewable energy, again underlining the Sevensedie brand’s participation in the sustainable economy.

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Since 1985, Michelangelo Designs has been bringing the elegance of Italian furniture to the USA, operating the first and only Italian Design Center on these shores.

Sevensedie joins an exclusive range of Italy’s most acclaimed furniture brands, providing Trade professionals with the ultimate in Italian style.  With a dozen of Italy’s most prestigious furniture houses represented, professionals in the Trade will find the glory of Italy’s design legacy under one roof.

In addition, we offer retailers, real estate developers, architects and interior designers a creative playground on which their visions come to realization.

With Michelangelo, the possibilities are limitless, bringing Trade professionals a selection of 1,000 fine textiles, including exceptional quality leathers and luxurious woods.  The cure for the common is here for those serving the exacting demands of clients requiring one-of-a-kind pieces which express their lifestyles.

Come cure the common.

If your professional design vision compels you to seek out the limitless legacy of Italian furniture design, we invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment.

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