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Top 3 Traditional Furniture Brands You Need To Know

traditional furniture brandsTraditional interior design style offers a combination of comfortable furniture. The designing elements that it includes are warm colors, symmetrical lines, and understated details. The edges of traditional furniture is soft, smooth and simply blend as a whole. All of this fine detail blended together typically can be defined as predictable yet it can be viewed as cozy and comfortable at the same time.

Interior decorators are hired with a vision in mind, and that vision is to bring to life the consumers tastes. Therefore, when a room is designed using traditional furniture, you’ll notice that the furniture chosen share the following characteristics; high detailed wood work, intricate carved molding and very sturdy bodices.

Traditional Furniture Brands

Traditional furniture is very common today among the elite clientele as it was during the Victorian period. It is quality furniture that displays exquisite hand crafted dark wood craftsmanship. Traditional furniture began in Europe, borrowing pieces from the King Louis IV era and were brought into the homes of ordinary people.

These furniture pieces are known for its regal and sophisticated styles. Traditional furniture was designed as a copy and shadow of what the royal monarchies of the time used in their sitting rooms, parlors, and dining rooms. So, if you ever wondered what furniture the Queen of England has in Buckingham Palace stop by at Michelangelo Designs and tour our two story Italian furniture showroom.

Michelangelo Designs is where all of the luxurious Italian furniture lives. It is the hotspot for all members of the trade. We are the dwelling place for the highest Italian quality furniture. Among all of the brands, the top 3 traditional Italian furniture brands are Silik, Angelo Cappellini, and Mantellassi.


The Silik furniture company was founded in 1961 and established itself as a leading brand, reproducing finely detailed traditional furniture. All of their collections are mesmerizing to look at. Silik’s furniture is hand crafted only by skilled workers that are chosen from among the best in the business. They really live up to the name that Italian furniture is art; and that is so with Silik’s furniture. Their furniture show cases gold and silver leaves, to hand painting and colors shadings. Their traditional furniture are timeless pieces of art that will last for years to come.

Angelo Cappellini

Angelo Cappellini is another traditional Italian furniture brand that creates incredible work. They practice the long lost trade of furniture inlay. For over 130 years, they have passed down generation after generation their passion for woodworking. Angelo Cappellini’s furniture is the epitome of traditional furniture design.


Our last traditional furniture brand is Mantellassi. Mantellassi was founded in 1926 in Tuscany Italy. Macario Mantellassi who was the founder of Mantellassi had a vision of bringing tradition into the foreseeing future. The spirit of Italy is embedded on every wood piece in their furniture. Mantellassi’s quality furniture combines, precious leathers, refined fabrics and brocades, noble woods with carvings, inlays, veneers, rare marbles, colored glass, extra-clear crystals, excellent metals such as gold and silver on their furniture.

As you can see all three traditional furniture brands share one thing common; time. Time is what makes all of these brands the best. Their expertise, tradition, and overall passion is what has allowed them to stay in the game for such a long time. Michelangelo Designs is proud to house such prominent high-quality furniture brands. Come and see for yourself the awesome furniture designs, Silik, Angelo Cappellini, and Mantellassi have created. We promise you that you will not be disappointed, your only regret will be, not buying their work sooner.