4 Brilliant Italian Dining Room Set Ideas for an Extraordinary Home

italian dining room setHave you been thinking about doing a dining room renovation?

Maybe you’re tired of the old furniture you have in there or maybe you just want to mix things up a bit! Whether you are going for a luxury dining room look or just want to change up the dining room furniture, settling on an Italian dining room set will be sure to successfully give you the look you want in your dining room.

You can choose to go with a modern look or a more traditional look. You can make the dining room formal or you can make it luxurious.

Read on to learn more about what Italian dining room set would work best for you!

1. Modern Italian Dining Room Set

If you are going for a more modern vibe in your dining room, but you still want dining room furniture that sets you apart from any other home, you need to try a modern Italian dining room set.

So what does this look like?

You would have a spacious designer table with comfortable, upholstered chairs. For the chair upholstery, you would need to go with neutral colors like beiges, grays, and light browns or creams.

The designer table is simple yet elegant. It makes a statement without being too overwhelming in the space.

When you choose to go with a modern Italian dining room set, using a bright, simple chandelier will complement the space.

2. Luxury Italian Dining Room Set

If you are more about the luxury feel of your space, you may want to forego the modern style and skip right to the luxury Italian dining room set ideas.

To make this work, you need to make sure that the dining room furniture matches a more luxurious vibe. To do this, you’ll want to focus on more ornate patterns and textures as well as brighter colors. Mixing and matching of textures, patterns, colors, and designs are more on trend with luxury than with the modern vibe.

When choosing each piece of dining room furniture, you first need to know what the focal point will be. Do you want it to be your table? Do you want the focus to be on the dining room lighting?

Whichever you want, you need to pick that piece out first. Most likely, this piece will look the most ornate and the most luxurious. The rest can be planned around that.

The main thing you need to think about when choosing your furniture is the material. For a luxurious feel, you should only choose high-quality materials for the space.

3. Go With the Classic Look for Your Dining Room Renovation 

When you think of Italian decor, you probably think about the times you’ve visited Europe or seen Europe in the movies. Much of the furniture looks old-fashioned and has an element to it that newer, more modern designs do not have. 

If you want to copy that look, you’ll need to stay more traditional. You should go with a more classic Italian dining room set. To find this, think about velvet upholstery on the dining room chairs, and sleek designs on the chair legs with a natural curvature that resembles a throne or a chair that a king would sit in.

Your table and chairs shouldn’t stand out from one another, but rather match in the form of a set to keep the classic look. With that said, the table should also take on a design that has curves, specifically on the table legs as well as the sides under the table itself.

To add to this table set and chairs, you can also add a chest in the dining room to really add to the classic look. Again, the chest or other piece of furniture that you put in the dining room should match the set so that it is cohesive to have that classic look that you want.

4. Formal Dining Room 

If you want to have a dining room that is more formal, you can definitely decorate with Italian decor and dining room furniture to achieve this.

Typically, in a more formal dining room setting, you would have a long table that fits more people. On that table, you can add a traditional Italian table runner to complete the formal feel.

As part of the dining room set, you can choose to either have a matching set of chairs and a table or you can choose to mix and match. You can achieve the formal look either way.

However, one thing you cannot forego is a more ornate chandelier. By adding this above the table, you are setting a vibe and communicating with your guests that this space is more formal than a typical space. 

You will always treasure a formal dining room as a space to connect and spend time with family and loved ones!

Choose an Italian Dining Room Set 

While decorating a room can be an exciting task, it can be difficult at first since you have to decide on what type of vibe you are going for.

Whatever vibe you settle on – whether formal, classic, luxury, or modern – you cannot go wrong with choosing an Italian dining room set. Once you decorate your new dining room, you’ll find that you and your family do not want to leave the room.

If you are ready to pick out your favorite designs, Michelangelo Designs Group can help! We have the most luxurious Italian brands and will be able to style your home to be exactly what you want. Contact us today to get started.


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