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Mantellassi – Traditional Furniture Marking Its Name


The Mantellassi Italian furniture brand was founded in 1926 in Tuscany, Italy. The Mantellassi brand began with a vision from its founder Macario Mantellassi; his vision was to bring tradition forward, in order to integrate the evolving styles of a new century. Their philosophy is that furniture design as an expression of individuality. Mantellassi, comes from a lifetime tradition of cabinet-making, thus we can understand the sophistication of the quality of their furniture.

Being able to blend tradition with technological advancements has allowed Mantellassi to become such an acclaimed traditional furniture brand, around the world. Mantellassi manages to created products, which are made from the highest- tradition of cabinet making and craftsmanship. The Machinery used to bring Mantellassi’s designs to life respect the natural curve of the wood being used, therefore as a result their furniture is like no other.

Traditional furniture is known for its symmetrical lines and uniformity. Keeping traditional furniture as a model, Mantellassi adds, precious leathers, inlays, rare marbles, refined fabrics, metals like gold and silver to their furniture designs. Their production techniques have reached the procedure of perfecting wood processing and attention to detail.

As a designer company, Mantellassi aims to create traditional furniture that allows the consumer to feel at home. The interior designers fall in love with this Italian furniture branch due to the fact that all Mantellassi furniture is highly customizable, in terms of finishes, materials, shapes and sizes. In other words, you’ll bring home a unique piece of Italian furniture no one else will have.

Though all of Mantellassi’s furniture is traditional and are made under traditional long forgotten techniques, they use the latest generation software in order to produce 3D designs to make it easier for interior designers for their projects. For such, traditional furniture brand they really go above and beyond to stay up to date with what their clients demand.

Mantellassi At Michelangelo Designs

Michelangelo Designs is proud to house such a celebrated high-end Italian furniture brand. Our two –story showroom radiates Italian pride with high-quality Italian furniture like Mantellassi. Mantellassi is among the top brands recommended when a client is interested in traditional furniture when furnishing a home. Traditional furniture is soft, and smooth and because of those fine details it makes the room feel cozy and warm.

Here at Michelangelo Designs, only Mantellassi’s best furniture designs are displayed. The Tribecca collection celebrates Mantellassi’s passion for furniture and handcraft.  This collection displays the authenticity, high-quality vintage style furniture Mantellassi creates, that is completely handmade. Mantellassi’s cosmopolitan collection touches bases on art deco styles with glamour and sophistication. Their last collection is the couture collection and it more of a classic Italian furniture that is dedicated to luxury and redefined spaces.

All in all, Mantellassi is the high – end Italian furniture brand you’ll want to have your home furnished with. Michelangelo Designs invites you and all members of the trade to fall in love with Mantellassi through their furniture designs. Mantellassi makes a name for themselves due to their passion and craftsmanship of creating Italian furniture.