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3 Italian Furniture Designers Millennials Should Know About

Michelangelo Designs, Italian furniture brandsToday we will showcase the top 3 Italian furniture designers that every Millennial should know about. Italian furniture has a reputation to be overly priced and it just sounds old. However, luxurious Italian furniture has come a long way these past 50 years. Like fashion, they understand that trends change therefore, all of these Italian furniture designers have created a new branch of modern, and contemporary furniture in order to cater Millennials.  

When we think of Millennials, we often think they are lazy, entitled and obsessed with their iPhone. Needless to say that we are actually the largest generation in American history. Thus, making us a powerful money making machine. Truth be told however, Millennials are finally buying homes and like any first time buyer, in addition to that they are also purchasing high-end furniture for the first time so this may also sound a bit intimidating. 

In the highlight of technological advancements, Italian furniture designers have also taken a makeover. Millennials like clean, cut and straight lined furniture (it basically needs to look good for the gram) Surveys show that the majority of this generation lean toward contemporary and modern furniture. Regardless of what type of interior design style you are inclined towards to Michelangelo Designs has it all for you.

Growing up we may have heard, of iconic furniture brands like Ikea, Wayfair or Overstock. These furniture manufacturers are good for a short period of time, so who really wants to purchase a new couch every 3 years?  This is why, here at Michelangelo Designs we believe that furniture should not only be timeless but also versatile. 

Michelangelo Designs showcases the best Italian furniture designers.

Compar is a match made in Heaven for the Millennial that is looking for sustainable, fun and versatile contemporary furniture.  Compar was born in 1984 in Venezia, Italy with the vision to create different ideas of furniture made 100% in Italy. Their designs are all customizable and reflect the future trends in style. Compar’s philosophy is to design young, colored products that are ecological, produced from the best quality leathers and materials, right from their motherland. 

Another great luxurious Italian furniture brand that creates clean cut furniture is Midj. MIDJ stands out above all Italian contemporary furniture brands. Looking into the future, they design for people who want to live and build joyful spaces. All of their collections are delicately created with adaptability and functionality. From extendable tables, to side tables and coffee tables. To desk chairs, lounge chairs, stools, armchairs and modular seating. 

Moreover the last furniture brand that we believe Millennials will obsessed about is: Orsenigo. Orsenigo’s vision was to create an entire new category of diverse Italian furniture.  This Italian furniture house focuses on bringing to life classic and contemporary furniture designs. Their main attention is in creating metal furniture. How cool does this sound? They learned to combine metal with glass, hide leather, Italian leather, and wood. Orsenigo is the perfect Italian furniture brand for those that look for classic furniture designs with a twist of contemporary. 

The plethora of high-end Italian furniture here at Michelangelo Designs is endless. We have created a galaxy of Italy’s most popular Italian furniture designers. Among many contemporary furniture designing brands, Compar, Midj and Orsenigo’s contemporary furniture meet the quality of Italian craftsmanship and ingenuity. Contact us today to invest in high-end Italian furniture that will last you a lifetime.