COMPAR Furniture

    • Founded: 1984
    • Factory: VENEZIA – ITALY
    • Styles: Contemporary

Sustainability meets design excellence, with COMPAR.

Founded in 1984, COMPAR creates a unique blend of sustainable materials and processes with a unique, straightforward essence.  Enlivening homes and office spaces, COMPAR’s focus is to create a bridge between historic design elements and the needs of the future.

With an emphasis on brand identity, COMPAR brings Italian furniture a breath of the past, informed by the future.  Focused on continually redefining itself, this is a company driven by innovation which proposes an answer to the immediacy of the needs of this age.

COMPAR’s design philosophy is geared to change which directly speaks to the needs of the modern world.  Continually shifting and evolving, the brand’s designers are engaged with the realities they live in each day.

Sustainability matters.

The elegance and simplicity of the COMPAR furniture design house is rooted in its dedication to sustainability.  Creating furniture which addresses the need for processes and materials which honor the growing public demand for sustainability, COMPAR, has created a symbiosis between superior workmanship, excellent quality and harmonious design and the need to maintain an eye on resources consumed in the production process.

With this unique philosophy in place, COMPAR’s sleek, modern approach to design fulfills a burgeoning sensibility in the market – a desire to live in harmony with our environment.

Contemporary in orientation, with its origins firmly in the tradition of Italian design and quality, COMPAR proposes an entirely fresh approach to furniture design.

The cure for the common.

COM.P.AR joins an exclusive selection of Italy’s leading furniture design houses at the Michelangelo Design Center.  As the first and only Italian Design Center in the USA, Michelangelo is proud to bring professionals in the Trade the best in Italian design, since 1985.

In our expansive warehouse and showroom, real estate developers, retailers, architects and interior designers are invited on a journey through the vast tradition of Italian design.  From echoes of the past to full-blown, hand-crafted reproductions, to the simplicity of COMPAR’s modern design, we offer a cure for the common.

Combined with the diversity of collections we house, we offer on-demand customization.  We ignite the creative flame, with a selection of 1,000 textiles of the highest quality, including lustrous leathers and rich woods.

Trade professionals are set free to create unique pieces to the meet the demands of their discerning clientele at Michelangelo Designs.  The possibilities here are endless.

COMPAR – synonymous with innovation.

We invite you to join us to experience 100% Italian design, exclusively available to Trade professionals.  Discover the innovative vision of COMPAR furniture among our collection of Italy’s most acclaimed designers. The diversity of selection only found at Michelangelo Designs is where your innovation begins.

With Michelangelo, Trade creatives cure the common.

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