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The Best of 2017 Living Room Trends

2017 was turbulent and complex year, in many ways.  But the world continues turning and we find ourselves in a new year.

Every year has its trends and 2017 was no exception.  Here, we’ll focus on some of the best of 2017 living room trends, pointing the way to a new year of hope, vitality and prosperity.


This was the name of Pantone’s color of the year for 2017 and it turned out to be exceptionally prescient.  With the world in turmoil and the urgency of extreme weather telling us all it’s time to find new ways to do things, Greenery’s optimism and reference to the natural world seems almost prophetic.

Pantone color green

Living rooms everywhere came up in this stunning color, full of life and the hope of renewal.

Mix and match.

As is the case with many years in design, 2017 living room trends took their cue from the world’s fashion runways.  Mixing patterns was a trend seen on international catwalks which made its way into our living rooms last year.

Using mixed patterns to anchor a room with a statement piece is how this trend played out on the home front.

Textural interest.

As the world becomes more streamlined, people continue to be sensual creatures and so, the appeal of texture in living room furniture surged to the forefront in 2017.

Tufting, pleating and richly sensual fabrics like velvet held pride of place in design-savvy living room spaces in 2017, for this reason.  Human beings find comfort in their homes when the coziness and richness of a variety of textures deepens their sense of security and warmth.

Gran Paradiso sofa

Artisan flourishes.

A strong trend toward DIY was answered in 2017 by a return to hand worked décor and furniture for the living room.  Blown glass and specially worked woods were key to this trend, as mass-produced and home made gave way to a return to craftsmanship.

Finely blown glass and one-off ceramic pieces figured prominently in 2017, as must-have items which signaled a trend toward honoring artisanal beauty and quality.

The lure of the eclectic.

Living rooms featuring a bland, almost hotel-like uniformity of design were tossed in 2017.  Taking that trend’s place was a strong move toward eclecticism.

The cookie cutter was thrown out the living room window, replaced by disparate collections of furniture which were unified around themes like color and texture.  This trend added interest and uniqueness to rooms which had become banal in their conformity to an overarching design scheme.

living room eclectic style

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