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What Is Your Interior Style?

what is your interior styleYou probably have a secret Pinterest board pinned with your favorite interior design styles. Who doesn’t? However, you probably also have more than one board with your favorite couch styles, tables, chairs etc. So, which one is your style? Which one really matches your personality?

Interior Styles At Michelangelo Designs

As a millennial, when we talk about interior designing, we gear towards a more modern, contemporary and transitional styles. Whereas our parents are infatuated with more of a traditional, mid-century interior design. Then, where can these two worlds meet without conflict? This place is Michelangelo Designs.

Michelangelo Designs is the perfect marriage of all interior designing styles, living under one roof. We are the home of Italy’s best Italian furniture manufactures. We carry Italy’s most high-end furniture and bring it straight to your door, literally.

Whether you are an interior decorator, an architect, a project manager or you simply have a knack for decorating your home, we have it all. Interior design is the art of being able to balance a room using furniture. Though it may sound east to simply slap on a dining room table with some chairs, add a sofa and a coffee table, there’s more than meets the eye hence why it’s art.

Home of more than Italy’s top ten luxurious furniture brands, Michelangelo Designs delivers satisfaction. If you are interested in a more traditional aesthetic, (Louis XV, Louis XVI, Regency, Empire, Biedermeier) then Angelo Cappellini, Mantellasi, Scappini and Silik are among the brands you’ll gear your creative taste towards to.

But if modern, contemporary, transitional styles catch your attention more, then we are proud to say that we also are the home of top Italian brands, such as Midj, Compar, Sevensedie, and Carpanelli Contemporary that can satisfy your hunger for the most “it” styles in the world.

From the different colored textures, and fabrics, to the metal or wood base of your choosing, we can assure you that all the brands displayed at Michelangelo Designs are the top of high-end Italian furniture. The quality speaks for itself, since each brand has perfected their craft respectively. We recommend coming into our warehouse with an open mind, and just have fun. Interior designing is a craft that helps people decorate their home to feel like their home.

We may have different style options, but we can all agree that whenever we are looking for furniture, whether it’s a chair, a table, a sofa etc. we want it to be comfortable, and long-lasting. We can assure you that our suppliers, will passionately bring to life the picture-perfect Italian furniture for your home. Did we mention that some brands customize the furniture to your liking? Brands like Midj, Sevensedie, Angelo Cappellini and Mantellassi, offer this option.

Discover Your Interior Style

Overall, there is no need to go anywhere else other than Michelangelo Designs for the quality and craftsmanship you are looking for. Luxurious Italian furniture you can find anywhere, but you will only find the best luxurious most coveted Italian brands, here at Michelangelo Designs.