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Top 3 Upholstered Italian Fabrics

upholstered Italian fabric leather couchThere are endless options available in the market when it comes to the different types of upholstered Italian fabrics. Fabric is actually the most important factor to consider. If you want your upholstery Italian furniture to be stylish and comfortable, you need to understand the different types of upholstered Italian fabric on the market before making a decision. 

How Upholstered Italian Fabrics Impact Furniture 

Then, what is upholstered furniture? Upholstered furniture is padded furniture that is enclosed in your desired fabric. The frame of the furniture piece is usually made from steel or wood, where springs and cushions cushioning are attached. This padding or cushion is then covered with the upholstery fabric to be covered up completely.

Upholstered furniture is found in many designs and colors styles and patterns. When we think of upholstered furniture we probably only thought about couches. However, upholstery fabric can be found in armchairs, dining chairs, sofas, etc. whatever furniture piece you’re thinking about, more than likely it could be upholstered. Because of the numerous options for upholstery fabric, it can sound a little intimidating. Therefore let’s look at the most common upholstery fabrics on the market as well as their pros and cons.

Upholstered Italian Fabrics

Leather Fabric

The most common upholstery fabric is leather. Leather upholstery is on the high-quality high-quality luxurious side of the spectrum. It is very popular because it’s very easy to maintain and can last up to five years. Leather is very durable since it can resist certain products and chemicals. It is the ideal upholstered Italian fabric material for pet owners since leather does not absorb odors or spilled liquids.

It is however the most expensive upholstery Italian fabric, and it can get damaged by sharp objects. However, don’t let this refrain you from choosing upholstered leather. Invest in getting weather as your upholstery fabric and get your money’s worth. 

Polyester Fabric

The second most common upholstered Italian fabric is polyester. Polyester is available in a wide variety of colors, thus allowing you to be able to match the existing two themes of your home. Polyester is a very soft and comfortable fabric, giving an expensive feel similar to leather. Needless to say, it is stained resistance and abrasion-resistant as well. However because polyester is a stretchable fabric it will lose its freshness over time, and it is also a flammable material. For this reason, if you enjoy smoke a cigar in the comfort of your home, perhaps investing any furniture piece upholstered from polyester might not be the greatest idea since it can be hazardous.

Cotton Fabric

Another top and the upholstered fabric is Cotton. It is a widely, and used fabric in the market because it is a natural fiber. Therefore it lasts much longer than the aforementioned upholstered fabrics. Cotton is extremely popular because it is easily died, opening the path to all of the colors imaginable. It happens to be a favorite because Cotton comes in different grades. This means it’s very easy to find agreed within your budget.

The only downfall of this fabric is that because it’s super easy to die he can easily catch the color of the fabric the person is wearing just by sitting on it. Even though this sounds like a major issue, this fabric is perfect for people who barely use their furniture pieces but only have them for display. They are far more upholstery fabrics to choose from but today we have only gone through the top three most consumers pick from and the reasons behind why they picked them.

Choose an Upholstered Italian Fabric that Matches Your Furniture

Regardless of what upholstered Italian fabric, you decide to invest in always make sure it does not only match your interior decor but also makes sure it fits in your lifestyle. Whether you are a mom of two or a pet owner, to even the CEO of a company, there is an ideal upholstery fabric for your furniture.