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Smart Space Bedrooms

If you want to create a fun, colorful space for your child but lack the room one way to resolve this issue is to get smart space furniture. This type of furniture allows you to have more room without giving up some essential items! Smart space furniture has several uses. Instead of having a separate item for one use there are many uses one item can perform.

Here are some of our top picks for fun smart space furniture!

This bed and desk combination provides your child with a colorful space without sacrificing storage. Everything is placed just so that they will have access to their bed and desk comfortably. The added storage along the walls and below the bed also helps if there is not much storage space in the rest of the bedroom.


smart space furniture bed


Bunk Beds and a desk might seem like a lot to fit into a single piece but this manages to do just that! When not in use the bottom bunk bed can slide underneath the unit. The desk can then be pulled out which also brings additional storage space for any books. You can comfortably have these items that have different uses without each one interfering with one another.

smart space bed desk


If you’d prefer to have the advantages of space saving furniture but would still like each item to have its respective space, look no further! This configuration offers plenty of storage. While still fitting a bed, desk, and shelving in a small space to work with. Your child can have enough room for a bed and desk, without the two interfering.

smart space bed


These are just some examples of furniture that have multiple uses. The way they are arranged is not just efficient but also playful! They are vibrant and use interesting shapes to make the most out of the space you are working with. While it is important to comfortably fit your furniture,  doing so with bright, playful furniture adds personality!