Sideboards and Buffets: The Perfect Addition to Your Luxury Home

sideboardsThe kitchen and dining area are where the heart of the home is located. Whether it’s a family gathering or just a family dinner after work, the dining room is where you want to be. A piece of furniture that is commonly used in the dining room of every household is a sideboard, also known as a buffet.  Your typical sideboard is mostly used to store dining room essentials such as dishes, glasses, and cutlery, among other things. Here at Michelangelo Designs, we have a variety of options that range from traditional to transitional, and modern sideboards.

High-Quality Sideboards and Buffets

Leading manufacturers make high-quality sideboards from mahogany, oak, and pine. Sideboards and buffets became very popular across Europe that by the late 18th century, they were beginning to appear almost in every household. However, nowadays, sideboards are not confined to just the dining room area but are being used in a variety of places around the house like the bedrooms, living rooms, and even the halls. If you don’t have a sideboard for your home yet, you need to get one, because they are making combat.

Nowadays, many Italian furniture designers are coming up with breathtaking new sideboard designs that fit just about anyone’s home aesthetic. Rozzoni’s transitional sideboard from their Andromeda contemporary collection is perfect for a more modern touch. This sideboard has three doors in open pore gray decapè oak with solid wood slats in relief; top and two doors in ecomarmo. The base comes in matt anthracite painted metal and legs with bass tips. The interior is equipped with crystal shelves and a chest of drawers and is complete with spotlights.

Another beautiful sideboard that we have showcased in our showroom is “Athena” by Compar. Athena sideboard presents itself in a lively way. The whole structure is lacquered and enhanced by precious ceramic doors, creating a dynamic game of shapes. This a more modern take from your traditional sideboard that usually displayed your China plates and silverware.

Today’s Sideboards

Sideboards in 2023 are all about being sleek in design and dare we say hidden from view. We say this because if you were to see the new buffet designs being created you wouldn’t think this piece of furniture belongs in the dining area because they are so beautiful to see.

Even our more traditional Italian suppliers like Scappini creates breathtaking artwork and wood carvings on their sideboards, you’d think they’d belong in a museum. Carpanelli has also deviated from the hard traditional designing methods and is playing around with more modern and contemporary styles. Just see for yourself. Carpanelli’s Gea sideboard inspired by the intersecting circles from the Carlo Scarpa is a mesmerizing modern sideboard, anyone would want.

Stop by at Michelangelo Designs and browse the endless varieties of sideboards and buffets. Complete your dining set and furnish your home with love from Italy. We pride ourselves on the furniture we transport across the sea to make our clients happy. Do not hesitate to contact us today and see the beauty of the best Italian furniture.

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