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Transform Your Dining Room with a Handcrafted Italian Dining Set

Dining Rooms: RomagnoliBefore you even begin looking at the luxurious handcrafted Italian dining sets available, you’ll want to get a good idea of what you want. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a particular dining table and realize that it will not fit in your space. But how do you choose the best dining set for your home?

Instead of endlessly scrolling through pages of beautifully handcrafted dining tables, chairs, and more, take some time to consider the following questions.

  • How many people do you need to seat at the table?
  • How much space do you have for a table?
  • What will you be using this table for? For example, will it be daily meals, special occasions, hosting parties, etc?
  • What materials do you want the table and chairs to be?
  • What shape of table do you want?
  • What height of table are you looking for?
  • Do you want a perfectly matching dining set, or do you prefer to pick the table and chairs separately?
  • What type of table base or legs are you looking for?
  • What aesthetic are you looking for? Traditional? Modern?
  • Do you have other furniture in your dining room that you need to keep in mind?

Once you have a good idea of what you are looking for, you can begin the fun part — perusing beautiful dining sets!

Michelangelo Design Group Dining Sets

If you have been looking for the perfect dining set for your home, you’ve come to the right place. A beautiful Italian dining set can instantly bring an added feeling of luxury and classic appeal to any space. So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite dining sets that can really transform your dining room.

Venezia Dining Set

The Venezia dining set is an elegant and traditional dining set from the brand Bianchini. It is available in walnut or olive ash burl and can be made in different sizes. The glossy wood surface can be a showpiece on its own or provide the perfect base for a seasonal centerpiece. The table features two intricate pedestals at either end to allow for more legroom around the table’s perimeter, making adding or shifting chairs around the table extremely easy. The dining set also features a sideboard and a showcase that perfectly complement the table and can make any dining room feel luxurious.

Cafe Des Art Dining Set

If you want a more modern dining room design, the Cafe Des Art dining set may be a great option. A product of Bianchini, this table features beautiful craftsmanship in a streamlined and minimalist but still luxurious design. The glossy surface is accented by a thin border around the table’s edge. This border is echoed in the buffet cabinets and showcases that are also a part of this set. The table features a four-leg design which offers ample leg room underneath the table, and it can extend if you are looking for a table that can seat more people during gatherings.

Bian Queen Dining Set

The Bian Queen dining set includes a stunning Bianchini rectangular table with four legs. It is available in olive ash briar or walnut and features a beautiful Bois de Rose inlay. The set also contains a buffet or sideboard and a matching vitrine if you want to make your entire dining room cohesive and elegant. This traditional table is available in different sizes and finishes. It can be extended to fit more guests when needed, making it an excellent choice for individuals who love to host.

Capp Art Dining Set

If you are a fan of a more traditional and simple table for your dining room, the Capp Art dining set by Angelo Cappellini may be an excellent choice. The classic four-leg table comes in several variations but offers any room a clear and distinct sophistication. The beautiful detailing along the edge of the table keeps it from being too simple, but the lack of frills makes this table a perfect fit for anyone looking for a more polished and refined dining room. The table can come in different finishes, sizes, and the chairs can come in other fabrics.

Sil Art Dining Set

Not everyone wants a more minimalist table. Maybe you want your table to be the showpiece in your dining room. If this is the case, the Sil Art dining set may be your piece. This Silik table is rectangular with a glass top and can come in two sizes (118x52x32.7 or 86×45.5×32.7). It is a lovely off-white color and features intricate carving and a single pedestal support at the center of the table. The set pairs this beautiful light table with dark chairs and armchairs to offer a beautiful contrast, and there is also a matching buffet and vitrine.

How to Pick Your Perfect Italian Dining Set

If you love full dining sets, looking for a set that includes a table, chairs, and maybe even a sideboard is the best way for you to find the best options. But if you are not excited by the idea of a full dining set, you may find that option less enjoyable. You may prefer to select your tables and chairs separately.

If you decide to search for your new dining room furniture this way, we suggest selecting either the table or the chairs to focus on first. Then once you have found your favorite, you can begin to look for the other. For example, if you focus on tables first and decide on the Sette dining table, you can look for chairs that complement your chosen table’s inlay design and intricate legs. This will help ensure that you find a set that complements itself rather than clashes. Typically, it is most helpful to begin with the table because it is the larger piece of furniture, but if you are more specific about the chairs you want, you can also begin there.

Find a Handcrafted Italian Dining Set at Michelangelo Designs

Redecorating your dining room can be inspiring, but if you start the process without knowing what you want, it can get quickly overwhelming. But, once you have found the aesthetic you are going for, finding the perfect table, chairs, and other accessories can begin. An Italian dining set can fit the space for any aesthetic, so you really can’t go wrong!

If you already have a design in mind or want to set up an in-person visit to our showroom, contact us today at Michelangelo Designs Group!