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Showcasing MIDJ

midj italia collectionItaly is the capital of timeless art. It indicates the way of thinking and living, which reflects in designing innovative ideas for furniture. Among all the Italian furniture brands a brand that always shines brighter than most is; MIDJ. All of their furniture is made 100% in Italy, which reflects the relationship between craftsmanship creativity and technology.

About MIDJ

Expertise is the soul that lets MIDJ to stand out above all Italian furniture brands. Their main focus is to design contemporary furniture. Looking into the future, they design for people who want to live and build joyful spaces. All of their collections are delicately created with adaptability and functionality.

Michelangelo Designs showcases MIDJ’s collections not only in our showrooms but we also take them to top tier furniture conventions like ASID and they are always a hit. MIDJ creates seating like; desk chairs, lounge chairs, stools, armchairs and modular seating. Their tables come in different varieties too like; fixed tables, extendable tables, side tables and coffee tables.

We have a plethora of high-end Italian furniture here at Michelangelo Designs. We have created a galaxy of Italy’s most popular Italian furniture brands. Among many contemporary furniture designing brands, MIDJ has a variety of tables, and chairs that meet the quality of Italian craftsmanship and ingenuity.

All of MIDJ’s furniture designs shout the artisanal creativity and philosophy they stand for. One of the reasons why MIDJ has found success is because they have been able to transfer such artisanal production to an industrial one. Meaning that even though their furniture is produced at a larger scale, it still continues to meticulously pay attention to all the small details producing an end result of high quality Italian furniture.

guapa midj stoolMIDJ is proud to be among the few furniture manufacturers to have environmental compliance standards. Their comfortable designer chairs, tables, stools and armchairs for kitchens, living rooms and living areas all come in various colored steels, hides, Italian eco-friendly leathers, microfibers, and polypropylene.

The bar stools MIDJ creates lives in restaurants and bars. Their armchairs are perfect for hotels and lobby seating. The modular seating MIDJ creates are also perfect for offices and conference halls. Their collections are the epitome of versatile furniture in the 21st century. Their designs are unique and well known throughout the furniture designing world.

The Guapa bar stools and their Nuvola TS models are the “it” classical chairs that every interior designer longs for to bring life into any room. These distinguished Italian designer chairs are a staple piece for any home, office space or lobby area. Michelangelo Designs carries all of their model in stock and needless to say that MIDJ also customizes their work according to your interior décor’s needs.

MIDJ At Michelangelo Designs

Among all of the contemporary furniture brand the world has MIDJ is one step ahead of the game with their functional and fun furniture designs. They are here to stay and share their passion for this artistry of furniture designing to the world. Here, at Michelangelo Designs you will be able to witness the wonderful craftsmanship their designers put into their furniture and you’ll be able to sit and feel how comfortable their chairs are. There’s no better place to see Italy’s best furniture brands than right here, at Michelangelo Designs.