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Showcasing: Sevensedie Chairs & Furniture

sevensedie chairsSevensedie has surely made their presence known in the furniture world. Founded in 1965 in Verona Italy and begin to produce finely crafted wooden chairs since then. Sevensedie is a family owned Italian furniture brand that has been passed down generation after generation. Even though it came from humble beginnings first by creating traditional furniture, as time progressed Sevensedie began to except innovation and produced their contemporary furniture line.

The Sevensedie Italian designer house has become one of the leading Italian furniture manufacturers in the world. They carry an ever growing range of chairs tables sofas and cabinets all proudly made 100% in Italy. Sevensedie furniture has any type of chair your interior designer is looking for. Beginning from classical chairs, baroque consoles, to even tables with high gloss tops, marble tops and hand carved sofas.

As you can see even though Sevensedie is the youngest Italian manufacturer with over 40 years of experience it has created a world of endless possibilities. From modern contemporary chairs, tables, two classic traditional arm chairs. The furniture spectrum is so large you really don’t need to look anywhere else.

Founder of Sevensedie, Diego Piva, became recognized for his wonderful craftsmanship of wooden chairs. He later on passed the company to his three sons, which have continued honoring his legacy by adding new ideas and qualities to their furniture brand. Their industrial production speaks for these ideas.

It is where craftsmanship meets technology. The position and flexibility seven Sadie and beds on its workers reflect on the final product a client takes home. This Italian furniture brand uses high quality fabrics and they are most prestigious wood; beech wood.

Sevensedie has a green heart because it’s obvious that without trees there would be no word whatsoever to create any sort of wooden furniture. That is why they live by this philosophy and actively work to contribute to protect and help maintain the environment by partnering with suppliers that also share the same ideology.

One can only imagine the tedious process furniture processing undergoes, especially when it’s done abroad. Sure you can see some of Sevensedie’s work here at Michelangelo Designs, and buy from stock but needless to say at Sevensedie offers customizable pieces galore. You decide which wood finish, fabric; whether Italian leather or eco-friendly leather, down to the color of the nails, gold, silver, or bronze, to the smallest detail of the stitching. Sevensedie meticulously produces the perfect chair for your interior designing project without a doubt.

Sevensedie Chairs At Michelangelo Designs

Here, at Michelangelo Designs many interior decorators fall in love with Sevensedie chairs. Various clients furnish their homes with Sevensedie for their elegance, style, and versatility. Therefore, whether you are furnishing a home, a restaurant, a contractor project or what not, Sevensedie has the furniture you need. Italian furniture is made to last for years to come. Come and see for yourself why Sevensedie is considered such an acclaimed Italian manufacturer. We promise that as soon as you sit on one of their chairs, you’ll be furnishing your entire home with their work.